15 March 2012

We had an unpleasant surprise tonight.  When I tried to plug in our portable fan in the studio, it crackled and popped and all the electricity went out.   At the time, we were recirculating the pool and using the generator for power.  We isolated the problem in the plugs in the master bedroom and studio, which are no longer working.  The most disturbing  thing is that it didn’t trip the circuit breaker, but the safety shut off on the generator shut things down.  We will have to track down an electrician tomorrow.

Another dispute happened close by.  Georg’s brother is planning on building behind Georg’s property.  He has a couple of crews working there; one building a brick wall around the perimeter.    A few days ago, the contractor building the fence was approached by a group of eight men, some of them armed.  The contractor left and later went to report the incident to the police.  He has since returned to work and has had no further encounters.  Doug thinks the group was trying to extort money out of the contractor rather than trying to dispute possession.

We continue to enjoy the antics of Yoda and Chewy.  They are so funny as they do everything together.  They both have their heads in the food bowl at the same time.  They follow each other around the house and yard.  They sleep together; often in a configuration that reminds me of ying and yang.

This morning, Chewy was playing with a plastic bag.  She managed to get her head into one of the handles so she was dragging the bag along with her.  She then stuck her head inside the bag and flipped over and was then totally inside the bag.  Yoda stood by watching, and when Chewy disappeared, she began to crouch like she was going to attack this black plastic bag wriggling on the floor.  Chewy finally managed to escape but she was right back attacking the bag anew in no time.


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