24 February 2012

Pork has become available to us in the market twice a week now through our usual chicken stall.  However, when you ask for  a kilo of pork, this is what you may get.  To me, it isn’t recognizable as any cut familiar to us in the states.  Sometimes we get ribs, sometimes it’s a recognizable steak and other times it’s a mish-mash of meat and fat.  It is generally very delicious, but it’s always a challenge to plan a meal around.








I was also able to complete the quilt for the Harvest Moon bungalow.  So far, I think it is my best, but I can see that I still have much to learn….lots to learn.  








Yoda and  Chewie continue to entertain us.  They are as close as twins and eat, play and sleep together.  They are quite entertaining as they wrestle with each other, sleep and groom each other.  Two are definitely more than just one….and they play with each other much more than cuddle with us, but they do have so much fun.








Today has been a particularly difficult day.  First of all, a cat has been leveling a piece of property within the development…not so much as a surprise as it was unexpected and the gate was left open while the work was being done.  In addition, Georg and Nathalie were having their final end of the season blow-out party above us.  They had many people join them….none of them known to us.  The first incident happened when a gentlemen came down from Georg’s house onto our veranda thinking our home was a hotel.  Doug and I were sitting at the dining room table when he appeared.  It threw us both for a loop.  We understand there must have been some misunderstanding, in that the gentleman thought we were a hotel and he was interesting in finding out our rates.   Later, there were other people who came in through the gate to celebrate the end of the season with Georg, but they trespassed across our property to get to Georg’s.  All of this highlighted the necessity for security.  The development will continue to grow and there will be more residents here.  The gate will be open all the more often as more and more people build here.  Sanchez is wonderful, but I don’t think he is prepared to be the guardian of the gate.  We believe we will have to take our own security in hand….we’re talking about a fence around the perimeter of our property….to further deliniate our boundaries and secure ourselves within our property lines.




  1. Karen the quilt looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to come out n’ visit n’ look at it up close. You are so talented!
    Thanks so much for your company the other night. I had a lot of fun! xoxo

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