21 February 2012

Once again it is raining tonight.  We will have to wait until morning to see how much it has rained and whether we can get into town.  Generally, with any significant rain, the roads become muck and are difficult to maneuver even with 4 X 4.  The clay content makes it so slippery we generally have to wait until the sun has a chance to dry things out before we can venture into town.

One day this week we were in town and witnessed this travel accomodation.  We were thinking the bicyclist was passing the moto-taxi, but in reality, the bicycle was taking a ride!

This photo of the ocean waves coming onto the beach doesn’t do the actual view justice.  This morning the waves were sparkling and they crashed into shore.  So beautiful!!!!   Everyday it is a different sight.  Some days the ocean is a brillante saphire color and other days it has a silvery blue.  It is always interesting to watch.

We continue to enjoy our Mama Cocha kids.  Jose, Hector and Luis arrived Monday and we had some significant break-throughs happen.  Jose, who is confined to a wheelchair most of his life, enjoyed some freedom in the pool.  Doug  got him to float by holding his head and letting him relax enough for the rest of his body to float.  He even made some movements with his arms to propel him through the water.  What a HUGE leap he made today.  And his smile was worth ten thousand failures!!!!


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