11 February 2012


Last night we had another 3/8 of an inch of rain.  Nothing like the night before, but enough to make the road conditions even worse.  The road into El Nuro was not passable today.  We had to drive on the beach to the pier at El Nuro and then access the paved road into El Nuro and then on to Los Organos.

The biggest drama today was watching to see if Paco, our neighbor, could get his tractor/loader out of the sand.  Earlier in the day he went to El Nuro and smoothed out the streets in the village.  Later, Doug asked him if he would put some sand into some of the low areas of the road into town so they would be more passable.

However, when Paco came down to the beach on his loader, he got stuck.   He got really stuck.  He buried his wheels in the sand and was buried up to the frame of the machine.  This was about 11 in the morning.  We watched all day;  watched the tide change and begin to come back in…..and, finally, he was able to get the machine out of the muck.








The drama last night was that Estralia, one of Georg’s horses, fell and cut her leg in a couple of places.  The veterinarian was called, and because the road was not passable except by 4X4, Doug met him at the entrance to El Nuro and drove him out here to Georg’s.  The horse was being led by Matias, Georg’s son, when Matias stumbled and fell.  The horse became frightened and  went through several obstacles (Georg’s inflatable raft and their quartomoto (four wheeler) and finally fell across some rocks very close to Juana and Sanchez’s quarters.  Estrella had two very bloody cuts that needed to be stitched.  Oh how I remember nights when we needed to call the vet!!!  Thank goodness they aren’t our horses.  FYI  Natalie said the vet charged her S/.250 ( equivalent to just under $100.)  Nathalie thought that was a lot, but I assured her that was quite reasonable.

The vet was called, but couldn’t get all the way out here because the roads were so muddy….so Doug and I went out to the entrance to El Nuro off the PanAmerican Highway to meet him.  4X4 was the only way to negotiate the road.  Fortunately, Estrella had a couple of superficial wounds; one coming very close to her artery in her leg.  The vet stitched her up and treated her.   It must have been difficult as it was dark and there were various flashlights pointing in all different directions.  Doug commented that this vet was the best vet we had encountered in Peru so far.

This was the same vet we took Stormy to to have a treatment for ticks; both a topical treatment and an injection to reduce them.  As we were driving out to Georg’s house, I asked him about sterilizing Chewy and Yoda.  He gave me specific information about how old they needed to be and seemed very confident that doing so was no big deal.  He is a vet that came here from Lima and has only been in Los Organos for the last ten months.  After watching him in action, I feel pretty confident he will be able to neuter Chewy and spay Yoda.



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