10 February 2012



The “rainy” season is here.  In the last couple of days, we’ve had about a half inch of rain.  This has made the roads slippery, but passable.  Last night we had two and a half inches of rain.  The road was impassable this morning, but we will try to go in a bit later this afternoon.

The property below us is flooded.
Notice all the dirt and sand washed out to sea.
This is the access road to our driveway.

Ready for a drive?

Erosion on edge of our property leading down to the neighbor's lot.
This gully washed out the side of the hill along the studio's outside wall. We had water in the studio which seeped through the wall.
Stairs heading down to the lower lever by the pool.
Erosion along edge of path to the beach, between a retaining wall and the fence.
Failed retaining wall along path to the beach.
Another view of the slide.

Other erosions around the neighborhood.

Our fire pit will take some drying out!


























































































The yard between the bungalows.










Doug and I did make it safely into town and back.  We bought a few extra groceries as we may very well be stranded out here.  The road into El Nuro was muddy and passable in most spots.  There were numerous areas where the side of the road had washed out and it was tricky going.

It tells the tale!










One good thing about the rain is it filled our pool….now we won’t have to call for a water truck this week!





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  1. holly dinna!! there is A LOT of water. sure hope it stops soon. we may have to go into town with a taximoto. the rain kept waking us up last night, it’s certainly isn’t the norm. just how do we have/keep/enjoy a fire in the evenings?!

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