7 February 2012


We had a bit of rain last night which made our trip into town a bit trickier than usual…..

land slide brought down the fence

















The soil here has a high content of clay, so when  things get wet, they are very sticky, slippery, and  mushy.  We used 4 wheel drive to get into town this morning, but by the time we headed home, things were drying out enough we only had to use 2 wheel drive.

The north coast of Peru is a surfer’s paradise.  There are many world famous spots here so we often see surfers traveling with their boards to various locations looking for the perfect wave.  Today we saw this sedan with surfboards hanging out both back windows to fit in the car.


I have now finalized my patterns for the next tapestry.  I have always been totally amazed and  intrigued by M.C. Escher’s art work of tessellating shapes.  When we first move here in September of 2009, I began thinking about a tapestry that would incorporate the sea, land and sky here.  I chose a fish, lizard and pelican for this.  I have been trying to tesselate each of these figure ever since and thinking about how to encorporate them into a tapestry.  I finally have the patterns which will tesselate…..

 The next challenge will be to morph one into the other….  I will be happy to be back at tapestry work on the loom.  Other fabrics seem to be more functional, but less artistic.  I’m looking forward to putting this on my loom!



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