6 February 2012

Talking about venomous snakes… our neighbor came across a coral snake on our walkway as she and her son were returning from the beach.  This one was about 2 feet long and as big around as your little finger.  This is the second one we’ve encountered since being here.  Scary.  It certainly makes me think twice before heading into the hills for a walk.

We’ve had a very long and busy weekend here.  Koky and his family arrived Friday afternoon.  Koky’s wife’s mother and her sister’s family arrived shortly thereafter.  We also had planned a Super Bowl party for Sunday and knew it would a houseful.  We had close to 20 people here Sunday; less than half that number here for the American football game.  We had four different types of chicken wings (over 125 in number), twice baked potatoes, stuffed hot pepper poppers, stuffed calamari;  guacamole, salsa, hummus with roasted garlic for dipping with chips and carrot cake to top it all off.

As far as the depression goes, I’m glad all these people are gone; even though I thoroughly enjoy each and everyone of them.  I haven’t found much time to just chill and take a break from everything else.

Living overseas has its influence.  Both Doug and I like it here; the weather is great and our place along the coast is spectacular.  (It is so beautiful, I often wonder how someone can feel so down living here.)    The local people are great;           so friendly and welcoming.  But, I miss my long time friends and confidants.  I miss going to the club to play tennis with my tennis ladies.  And I miss not being able to go shopping for things I want or need…..things like pork or lamb, fabrics and notions, plastic bins to contain my quilting stuff…..any kind of electronics is at least a two or three hour drive.  I miss the downpour of rain that soaks everything and leaves puddles but makes the air smell so fresh and clean.  And I miss the green; green grass, trees that come to life in the springtime with various shades of green.  

And the flip side of the trees that change their colors spectacularly in the fall.




And I miss hearing everyone speak English.  I miss the musak at the mall…something different than salsa.

Even though I speak Spanish fairly well now, the language is still an issue.  I still don’t understand everything someone says to me but can read and speak it well.  Doug is learning slowly, but has difficulty because of his hearing loss.  He often asks me to translate for him to communicate for him.  This, in itself, hasn’t bothered me, but it has forced me to be more social and outgoing than what my nature is.  I tend to be quite reserved around new people and will warm up to them after I get to know them.  Doug, of course, hasn’t met a stranger in his life.  And even with the language barrier, he communicates with everyone to some degree.  I found it quite interesting when my friend Sara from Talara told us Doug was lazy…..when I was around, he would depend on me to translate and to talk for him; but when he was on his own, he seemed to manage quite well.

Perhaps another piece of the puzzle is a lack of independence for me.  Doug and I have one vehicle.  He will often go into town to do the grocery shopping early while I sleep in late.  I rarely go anywhere without Doug.  Not necessarily a big issue, but it isn’t really in my nature to be so dependent on some on else.  One of my past boyfriends told me I was “too damned independent!”  And, it’s true.


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