3 February 2012

As I was accessing this site tonight, the search engine came up with ¨the most venomous snakes.¨  It seemed a bit appropriate as I have been struggling with depression.  It is such an insidious condition, and it colors everything that happens in your life.

I was diagnosed with chronic depression years ago after my mother died.  I have been on medication ever since….and, for the most part it helps.  However, I find the depression kicks my ass more frequently than I´d like to admit.

I find the two kittens help…as my attention is focused on them and giving them lovings.  Both of them will purrrr away when I hold them…but will bail after a few minutes.



  1. Ahh, Karen, I’m sorry it is hitting you again. I hope you find a way to get it all regulated and life brightens up again. Glad the kittens are there to be a bright spot. Wish there was something we all could do for you…you give us so much with your wonderful stories. We can’t afford either the time or the money to be there with you in person, so you bring us there with your great descriptions and stories. Love you!

  2. I enjoy your stories and pictures so much, and know that the kittens will comfort you when you need their touch. Even at a distance, you seem to enjoy reaching out to others. You mentioned wanting to do more volunteer work and surely there are opportunities near you. Hope this passes and you can reach for more contact with others. You have so much to offer.

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