1 February 2012

Our two kittens continue to amuse us to no end.  The black one has now been dubbed “Yoda” because she lays her ears back and pokes her head up above the table and looks just like Yoda.  Given this, her brother needs a “Star Wars” name….we’re thinking Chewy…..

These two have now figured out that I won’t kick them out of bed if they snuggle with me.   They also know that snuggling with Doug is not even a remote possibility.  And it seems to be both or none.  Where one goes, so goes the other.   As time goes on, they become more and more playful and adventurous.  I am wanting them to become used to the out of doors so we can eliminate the litter box.  That may still be a ways off, but they are slowly exploring more and more every day.   Stormy has been fabulous with these kittens.  She has not been aggressive, just curious.  They hiss and spit at her, but she maintains her interest in them.  They have come so far in their comfort level with us, I doubt it will be long before they are all friends and playing together.

Thanks to my sister, Martha, we now have all the hardware we need to put in the blinds in the Blue Moon bungalow.  However, when we got out there today ready to install the blinds, we found out we didn’t have any small screws to complete the project.  Bummer!!

So, decorating the bungalows has been a slow process.  However, the Harvest Moon bungalow is getting close to being decked out.  I finished the bedspread for the bed this afternoon.  I had bought this fabric in Talara thinking I would use it for the backing for a quilt for this bungalow.  However, I decided I wanted to scale down the size of my projects, so the Harvest Moon quilt will be a wall hanging rather than a bedspread.  It is all starting to go together quite well.

This poinsieta plant has really taken off in the last few days.  The first bloom of red leaves has now gone, but new growth has spurted.  At this point, this plant is about a meter tall and seems to enjoy the tropical weather.

Many of our other plant are also enjoying the weather.  The bouganvilla are growing and blossoming….some growing tall, others growing outward.  We are hoping to train them to grow up over the trellis roofs over the terraces and the entry way.  It is nice to see that they are growing quickly.  In another year, I think they will be on the trellises.





More drama over land boundaries….  Our neighbors building a hotel just to the north of us, tore down fences that had been put up by neighboring land owners.  The dispute will end up in court and hopefully all will be settled without violence.  Meanwhile, we remain neutral.  We have not heard anything further about the law suit between Georg and Lucho.  What do we know?

George has now decided that his four horses will be kept out in El Nuro rather than at the hotel he owns in Vichayito.  He thinks that Sanchez can take better care of them here than the people at his hotel in Vichayito.  This may or may not be true; it all depends upon whether Georg buys proper feed for the horses.  Being so close to our property, Doug will have easier access to them, but I worry about the preception that Doug may be responsible.  These horses are not his, nor are they his responsibility.   The facilities here are extremely limited for horses…..Damn.




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