30 January 2012

The kittens are doing very well.  They become more and more interactive each day.  So far we’ve been calling them Ying and Yang, because they sleep together in a way that reminds me of the Ying/Yang symbol.  I don’t know if these names will stick…but that’s what it is right now.

The orange cat is by far the more assertive of the two.  I have half a mind to call the black one, Shadow.  But then what name fits for the orange one?  They are quite humorous as they stick together, play together and are rarely separated.  I think of them as twins, but they are so opposite it doesn’t seem to fit!




have been working on a new design for a tapestry using tessellations of fish, lizards and pelicans:  three animals very common here.  Both the lizard and the pelican came together

relatively easily.  And I have several patterns for the fish, but these

don’t seem to work for me.  I have another pattern which I like, but

I can’t figure out how it was made.  I don’t want to violate

copyright laws so want to figure out how it was made so I can

modify my own.  Is this the life of an artist?  Hours and hours

trying to figure something out?    Maybe I’ll just stick to drawing

patterns and putting them in place with fabrics.



  1. Your tessellations bring back math memories! lol! Looking forward to seeing what the finished project looks like….and what the kittens end up being named.

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