28 January 2012

Our good friend, Milagros, came for a visit today with her sister, Juanita.   Mili was a nurse in the clinic in Los Organos and then the clerk in the pharmacy.  While she was living here, she often came out to the house to enjoy the pool and our company.  She tells us she thinks of her as her family away from her family.

She and her sister, Juanita, had a great time in the pool this afternoon.  It was great to connect with her again.

We also talked about apartments in Trujillo.  We have been sponsoring Juana and Sanchez’s niece through pharmacology school in Piura.  She has a full scholarship which pays 100% of her tuition, but doesn’t cover her living expenses.  She informed us that she could complete her program at a university in Trujillo and shorten her studies by a year.  Since Milagros lives in Trujillo, we asked her about apartments available and costs.  She indicated that apartments were available at a rate much cheaper than in Piura.

We’re hoping we can connect Sheyla with some of our friends in Trujillo and help her complete her program with a minimum of cost and time.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

The longer we live here, the more convinced I am that networks are the best way to promote yourselves.  It’s possible that Sheyla could find her own accommodations in Trujillo; but having contacts will benefit her in the long run.  She may be able to share accommodations  with others.


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