27 January 2012

Our two little kittens have now blessed our home for a week.  They are quite humorous to watch.  The orange kitty seems to be the more dominant of the two, with the black one being a bit more timid and shy.   We’ve decided on the names Ying and Yang, since the often sleep snuggled together and it looks like a ying-yang symbol.  Ying, the orange one, is a male and is definitely the more outgoing of the two.  Yang is totally black and quite a bit more skittish; but I almost called her shadow as she seems to follow Ying everywhere.  They still spit and hiss at Stormy, but this behavior is diminishing over time.  I’ve never had two kittens at the same time; and I suspect it is like having twins.  It definitely means twice the clean up, twice the food, twice the interaction.  Until last night, we have been keeping them in the dog kennel which has served for my bedside table.  The two make a HUGE mess in the litter box….so the sooner we can get them outside and independent, the better.  Meanwhile we laugh and enjoy them immensely.

I tried a recipe for Tiradito de pescado for dinner.  The sauce I made, according to the recipe, was incredibly spicy!!  I tried to cool it down a bit, but the end result was a very spicy tiradito of fish.  A tiradito is very similar to a ceviche which is a dish of raw fish cured by lime juice, salt and peppers and onions.  The tiradito leaves out the onions, and uses less salt.  It will take me some time to figure out the recipe according to our preferences.


George and his family are here for the month of February.  To some extent our peaceful existence has been disruptive.  But….we can hardly complain when we are one property amongst many others that people are anxious to buy.  From what we heard today, there are only three properties of 1000 meters still for sale in this development.  At this point, they are selling for $90 per square meter.  (We bought for $25 a square meter).  I’m sure we will see a lot of construction in the next couple of years.  Our very tranquil lifestyle will change soon.   I’m not sure how we will adapt.

Doug and I had dinner with our Spanish teacher, Gaby and her husband, Julio.  One of the topics of discussion was our claim to our land.  No one here has title to their land; it is all held by possession.  A friend of Gaby’s who works in the public registry found out that we were not listed as possessors of the land we supposedly possess.  There are a couple of options for us.  The first is to “possess” the land for 10 years.  If we are here for that length of time there won’t be a problem; after ten years of possession, the land is considered to be yours.  Meanwhile, we would like to legalize our “possession” of the land.  This would mean separating ourselves from Georg and being our own entity.

Fortunately, Gaby’s brother is in a position to help us clarify our position and possibly obtain a title for us for the land we occupy.  We will begin by sending him all the documents we have showing the transfer of possession.  From there we need to prove our possession of the land….my blog will be a big part of the  evidence as it documents the construction and our first year living in the house.  We also can have the testimony of numerous people here that we have lived here on the property.  One of our worst fears has begun to emerge….how do we prove we possess this land we have built this beautiful house on?  I know there will be hoops we will need to jump through, but I think we are in the right here.  I think we can prove our residency and will be able to  protect our investment here.  I also believe it will be a long and drawn out process.

I was completely honored today when the kids from Mama Cocha’s arrived.
Maria was amongst the children.  She came to me directly and gave me a big hug.     Up until now, she has kept herself at a distance, and has not interacted with any of us.  Today, however, she approached me and accepted a big hug from me.  We proceeded to get her dressed into a bathing suit and then headed to the pool.  Generally, she has sat on the side of the pool for the majority of the time without being willing to enter the pool.  However, today, she sat on the side of the pool and entered willingly when I invited her.  She kept her arms around my neck and let the rest of her body relax and float behind us.  We moved around the pool in this form for most of the time the pool was available  to us.  At times she would vocalize indicating she was uncomfortable, but then would relax and just float with me.  With her history of abuse, I was honored to be trusted.  I don’t know what she will be able to express in the future…but I am so happy she sees me as a safe haven.  (Maria was found at age 21 in a chicken coup totally naked.  She had been abused by uncles, brothers, and who knows who until she was discovered in this condition.




  1. What a cool story about Maria. I’m not surprised that it was you she trusted – you have always make people feel so comfortable. It will be fun to follow your experiences with her in the future. I can imagine that she will blossom.

    Hope things smooth out sooner than you are anticipating on your land possession. That is so scary in foreign countries. Glad you have good friends to back you! I thought you were writing the blog for our entertainment – had no idea it would become a legal evidence!

    Ying and Yang are great – great fun. Hopefully things will continue to get better between the cats and Stormy.

  2. Hi Karen! Glad to hear all about your news and goings ons. I have a 6 month old male kitten and he is a union type. Why? because he is not a mouser! My mouser is old and not seeing very well or as active anymore. I have not had mice in 13 years and caught one in a mouse trap last Saturday morning. The cat is posing with the mouse in the trap when I took a pic of the first mouse in 13 years!!!LOL

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