14 January 2012

My apologies to my readers.  And many of you who know me well will totally understand that I have been completely involved in a new project.  I am working on a small quilt for the wall of the Harvest Moon bungalow.  I’ve had this project in mind for a very long time, mulling over its design and choosing colors.  I finally put the ideas onto paper and came up with a design I like and have been having a lot of fun putting the parts and pieces together.  I can become uncommunicative when I get absorbed in a project and most everything else just disappears.

Sanchez came to us the other day and told us there was an official looking document under a rock just inside the side gate.  When I went to investigate, this is what I saw:









It turns out this is a subpoena for Doug to appear as a witness to a dispute between our neighbors.  There are several questions which arise; first, was he actually served?  In the US, it must be handed directly to the person being called.  Here, who knows? But no one can prove Doug actually received it.  Plus, there is no address on the paper so we don’t even know where he is supposed to appear.  There are three different cities named on the document.  And then there’s the fact that Doug doesn’t speak Spanish?!  I’m curious to know how this turns out.

Check out this link:  http://www.peruthisweek.com/travel-228-Protecting-sea-turtles-on-Perus-northern-coast/  This is an article about the sea turtles in El Nuro.  We´ve also heard that the desalination plant just around the corner from us will be converted into a Marine Biology Research Center.

Tsunami is missing!  I am so sad.  She has been gone for three days now so I´m not holding out much hope that she will return.  She loved the outdoors and had learned to open the door to get out by herself.   I don’t know whether the local wild foxes got her, or the neighborhood dogs?  Such a shame.  



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