7 January 2012


From what I can see, the picture of the little monster eating our pepper plants didn’t post.  So here is another photo:

We put a solution of water and laundry detergent into a spray bottle and sprayed the plants’ leaves both on top and underneath.  We haven’t found any more of the horned cut-worms.  Wish all the pests were so easy to get rid of!

The flies have been terrible in the last couple of weeks.  They cover the screens and find their way into the house.  We’ve used the nasty Raid spray, but there always seem to be more to take up any slack.  We finally used a spray of vinegar and water.  We spray all surfaces, including the screens and it really seems to help.  Their numbers have definitely dwindled.


Sheyla, who is the niece of Sanchez and Juana, is visiting us this weekend.  We invited them to share dinner with us; Juana requesting Doug cook his fried chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy.  After a good meal, we introduced them to the Wii.  We had a lot of fun, lots of laughs.  I would love to know what went through Juana and Sanchez’ minds as we were playing.














  1. Fun times! We have a good time with our Wii, too. Don’t challenge my mom at Wii bowling – she’ll bowl your socks off. (She had to buy her own Wii so she could practice, as they have Wii bowling tournaments at her senior center.) Not bad for 98!

    That little critter on your peppers looks familiar! I had them on my tomatoes but never on peppers. We used to plant marigolds among our plants, and it seemed to keep them away.

    Yuck on the flies. Hope your solution continues to work. They are never fun to have around. I’d rather have the tomato worms!

  2. fue muy lindo pasar momentos con ustedes y mis tios ,nos divertimos mucho con el juego de wii,sabe me quede muy asombrada de mi tia juana nunca la habia visto jugar pero esta ves lo hizo y muy bien ,ella estuvo muy contenta por los momentos que pasamos juntos ,los aprecian mucho y yo tambien los quiero mucho son personas muy maravillosas.señora karen y señor muchos abrazos para ustedes y gracias DIOS los bendiga .

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