1 January 2012

Wow!  What a week we have had here!

Our friend Karine from Lima came to visit with her boyfriend the day after Christmas.  They were soon joined by her aunt and cousin.  They enjoyed the pool, the beach and lots of good food.   Friday, Doug took them on a fishing trip; chartering a boat out of El Ñuro for the morning.  They caught a lot of fish which became lunch.  There are still many kilos of fish in the freezer for future meals.  While they were out, they saw a huge pod of dolphins.  Their first sighting was at a distance, but they came back around and swam in a formation which enveloped the fishing boat.  I hope Karine will send me pictures.

Our New Year has been craaaazy, but fun.  We had close to 20 people here for New Year’s Eve and Dani, my best’y friend from the Yukon, and I cooked an Indian theme meal.  She made samosas (or empanadas in Spanish) and I made some curry vegetables and rice. It was a bit of work, but delicious.  Our good friends from Talara, Sara and Edhie came; as did Gary (from England), his girlfriend Silvia (from Peru), her daughter Kimberly, their daughter Naomi and Kimberly’s cousin.  Gaby, my Spanish teacher, and her husband, Julio were also here.  What great people, each and every one.  We are truly blessed with the friends we have.
Ten people spent the night.  Jim and Dani in one bungalow, Sara and Edhie in the next, Gaby and Julio in the third and Gary and Silvia and girls spent the night in the servants quarters.
I don’t think there was a full moon last night, but it sure felt like it in the morning.  One couple had a knock down drag out fight, and this guy’s wife walked back into town leaving him with the 9 month old baby, but no food or diapers.  Another couple also had an argument; she locked him out of the bungalow, so he had no place to sleep.  When Doug got up at 5:00, he was still wandering around.  The rest of us escaped whatever bad juju was out there, but it all made for a rather uncomfortable breakfast and morning.
Then today, the Bocanegra family came out.  In Latin America, family means anyone remotely related and they numbered close to 20!  I baked a turkey and made some wild rice dressing.  They are familiar with turkey, but many had never seen the wild rice.  It was a big hit.  I’ll have to remember to bring packages of the wild rice back with me when I visit the states next.  They brought a Causa Limeño which was really delicious.  This is a dish of mashed potatoes layered with tuna covered with a spicy sauce and shrimp.
The kids were totally entertained between the pool and the Wii.
One of the traditions here in Peru at the New Year is to create a life-size dummy which will sit outside of the front door for days before New Year’s eve.  And vendors will travel through town selling fully dressed and decked out dummies.
Even in the markets, stalls were selling the faces for the dummies.
Then, at midnight, when the new year begins, they set fire to these dummies.  The idea is that the dummies represent last year’s trouble and by burning the dummies, they get rid of last year’s problems and can look forward to a fresh start in the new year.
I’m looking forward to a quieter week ahead.  There are plenty of left-overs, so I won’t have to cook for a few days.

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  1. Your stories are always full of interest. Sorry for the discomfort New Year’s morning. Hopefully, all worked out for everyone involved. Your home is certainly the social site in Northern Peru! Hugs to you and Doug – and wishes for a wonderful new year.

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