22 December 2011

I can hardly believe Christmas is just around the corner.  How quickly it comes to us.  Our Christmas will be celebrated with our good friends from the Yukon; Dani and Jim.  We will have a traditional Christmas dinner with turkey and dressing; string beans with bacon and apple crisp for desert.  Relatively simple, but , for me, that’s the best.

Doug and I installed curtains and shades in the bungalows this last week.  We couldn’t finish one bungalow because we didn’t have enough hardware to  install them.   Hopefully we will be able to finish the project once we have the hardware we need.  Two of the bungalows face out to the ocean and we didn’t want to restrict the view.  We decided to install blinds below the horizontal aluminum window frame.  From this point, if the view was blocked below the horizontal frame, privacy was pretty much guaranteed.

The “third” bungalow has curtains installed around the front and sides; as opposed to blinds.  Our company this last weekend appreciated the curtains.


Poco a poco.  That is the expression here.  “Little by little.”  That is so true.  We’ve been in the house a year and a half, but we still have artwork to hang and areas to organize.




  1. Someday I will come and see it all…my sister-in-law and friends are coming to Peru this next ;year but they won’t be as far north as you are.

    Your bedspreads look great. Glad you’ll be with Dani and Jim. Have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. You too! Have a fabulous Christmas. We will enjoy our time with Dani and Jim. Sanchez will also be here to share in our traditional Christmas dinner of turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy. Juana has gone to visit her family for the holidays. We are so blessed… Love you, Karen

  2. Well let it be heard here first, Karen’s Christmas dinner was FABULOUS! I felt like I was with family. A fire in the evening with lots of laughs under a star filled dome ceiling with the waves heard in the distance n’ a warm night breeze. Where else would you want to spend your Christmas?! I ate dinner twice with the grazing going on! The apple crisp was really yummy!
    The curtains in the pics don’t do justice. Karen you n’ Doug did a wonder job making n’ installing those. wow, I was surprised at the hardware. They work really well. I sleep so soundly in that room at nights. I’ll recommend that bungalow to anyone!
    Thank you! You n’ Doug are the “best-es” of best friends!! Thank you for your friendship. We love you both! See you for the beginning of the New Year of 2012! xoxo

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