13 December 2011

Here is an update on the various projects I have going.

  These lined drawstring bags have been fun to make and hold Christmas and birthday gifts for friends.  This project allows me to use scraps of fabric and is a gift in itself!






  This is a quilt I have been making for Doug for Christmas.  The pattern was pretty intricate with oodles of pieces.  However, using fusible web made it less difficult and opened up so many possibilities in my mind.  As it turns out, not every piece of every quilt needs to be turned under for the applique to work.  I still need to go back over each piece and stitch it to the background.  No easy task!!!!




 Meanwhile, I have been piecing another quilt.  I have several color schemes I am trying to work with, and it will be interesting to see how it all comes together.  Right now I am thinking of blocks of four squares, framed by a solid color.  Each block will very…Either this color scheme, or a blue one, or a bright orange and red one.  The fun of this is figuring out what works best with whatever you have. (Especially since I am limited in what I can get here in Peru.)  I brought home a suitcase full of fabrics!




On another note, we have been inundated with flies!  They have covered our screen doors and swarmed us as we leave or enter.  Two days ago we bought four fly swatters and have been walking around with one in hand.  We’ve littered the floor and swept up bunches.  Sanchez thinks the problem is in El Alto, the next town south of us.  He says if they don’t burn off their refuse in a timely manner the flies just take over and the wind brings them to us.  Thankfully, today had been better and they seem to be abating.

Another “project” I’ve been working on is the Wii.  We bought a system in the states and brought it down here.  Even though it runs off of 110, we have a transformer that will convert the 220 to 110.  With the Wii system, we bought the Wii fitness program.  There is an amazing diversity of options for yoga, aerobics, strength, balance and rhythm.  I’ve been trying to do 30 minutes a day; hopefully it will improve my physical condition and loose some of the weight that has been attaching itself to me.   We also got a dance program and a tennis program; but we haven’t tried either one yet.



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