11 November 2011

The date….11/11/11.  How often does that happen?

La fecha; 11/11/11.  ¿Cada cuanto pasa?

Right now I am sitting in the dining room of our house on Greenbriar Lane in Molalla listening to the rain on the metal roof and freezing cold.  I’ll explain.  I arrived on Wednesday, starting my trip to the US early because it was apparent there were problems with the house which we are trying to sell.  I decided the best way to deal with issues was to be here in person to sort things out.

Ahora, me sento en el comedor de mi casa en Oregon, escuchando el lluvia sobre el techo de metal y tengo muy frío.  Explico.  Llegaré miércoles, empezando mi viaje a los EEUU mas temprano por que hay problemas con la casa que tratamos a vender.  Decidí que el mejor manera para resolver problemas va que estará aquí.

One of the things I’ve needed to sort out is the pellet stove which we use for heat in the house.  It has not worked since Mandy moved in in September.  The temperature this morning was 41 degrees F and I think it was colder in the house than outside.  What a rude shock coming from El Ñuro where it was 85 degrees and sunny!

Una cosa que necesité resolver es la calefacción para la casa.  La calefacción no funcionaba desde septiembre cuando mi hija traslado a Oregon.  La temperatura esta mañana es 5 grados y pensaba que estaba mas frío adentro de afuera.  ¡Que cambio grosero de El Ñuro que tiene 85 grados y hay sol!

Oh, and just now the electricity went out!  Fortunately, it came right back on….

¡Oh! y la electricidad corta!  Afortunado, regresa ahorita.

  This is our house.   It was originally red and has recently been painted this cream color.  It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, kitchen and an extra room (which I think was a garage at one point in time.)   In the last couple of years we were living there, we did quite a bit of remodeling; expanding the kitchen/dining room, new granite countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms, new tile floors in the kitchen and bathrooms, and new double paned/insulated windows.

Esta es nuestra casa. En un principio estuvo rojo, pero ahora está pintada crema.  Tiene cuatro dormitorios, dos baños, sala de estar, cocina y una cuarto adicional (creo estaba un garaje en el pasado.)  En los ultimos años que vivimos acá. hacemos muchos cambios.  Ampliamos la cocina y comedor, pusimos tableros de granito en la cocina y los baños, pusimos nuevos ceramicos en la cocina y los baños, y ventanas aislados.

One of the best parts about being here in November is that it is fall and the trees are in full fall colors.  I love the reds and yellows mixed in with the evergreen green.  Everything is so vibrant; so even though today was a foggy and misty day, it was still beautiful.

Lo mejor parte de estar aquí es que noviembre es otoño y los arboles exhiben colores rojos y amarillos.  Se amo los colores con los de arboles verdes.  Todos son tan brillante.  A pesar que hace niebla hoy día, estaba bonito todavía.

I remember how much I enjoyed the fall season here.  The grass is still green, as are the evergreen trees.  The pastures are so beautiful, as are the woods.

Recuerdo como me gusta la estación de otoño aquí.  La césped está verde, como los arboles perrenne.  Los pastos son tan hermosos, como los bosques.

So here is the situation.  We put our house up for sale in September.  At the time, we had a renter and had to ask her to leave as we had reports from the neighbors that the house was not being taken care of.  Also, at this time, my daughter Mandy, graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago with a Masters degree in Art Therapy.  She wanted to move back to the Portland area, so we asked her to stay in the house until it sold rent free upon the condition that the house be presentable for showings.

Entonces, está la situación.  Nuestra casa estaba en vender desde septiembre.  En eso momento, tenemos una persona que aquilaba la casa.  Pero, recibimos cuentos que la propiedad no cuidaba bien.  Luego, mi hija, Mandy, regresaba a Oregon y vivía en la casa.  Le pedimos que ella cuida por la casa hasta cuando podemos venderla.

At that time, we hired a real estate agent to handle the property.  She hired a contractor(?) to make the needed repairs to the house so it would be ready to be sold.  We paid him dearly for his services.  He did paint the outside of the house, trimmed out all the windows and  finished siding the sections where we had remodeled.  He didn’t, however, complete repairs to the inside of the house.  One bedroom upstairs had been remodeled to eliminate a sink and provide a pocket door entry into the bathroom.  This bedroom still has the original paneling on the untouched walls, and the bare sheetrock on the modified part.  There are two light fixtures that are hanging from the ceiling by wires and many of the light switches and plug in covers are missing.  We are wondering why he didn’t finish the job and/or why the real estate agent didn’t know these things weren’t done.

En ese momento, empleamos una agente inmobiliario para vender nuestra propiedad.  Ella emplea una contratista para hacer todos las reparaciónes necesario para vender la casa.  Pintó el exterior de la casa, y puso los adornos alrededor de las ventanas.  Pero, no hizo reparaciones adentro de la casa.

I will meet with the real estate agent tomorrow.  I plan on giving her a tour of the house to see what she thinks.  I honestly don’t think she has been in the house since September when she hired Michael (the contractor) to make the repairs.   She will definitely have some questions to answer!

Mañana, encontrará con el agente inmobiliario.  Planeo un visita de la casa para a ver como sienta.  En realidad, no creo que ella estaba en la casa desde septiembre.

The carpet in the house is upwards of 20 years old so is worn and was soiled by cats over the years.  Obviously, there is lots to be done.  We will have to replace the carpet.  This isn’t really a surprise as we probably should have replaced it at the outset of trying to sell the house.  I have a carpet guy coming out Sunday to make measurements and will then replace the carpet and the pads next week.

Las alfombras en la casa están mas de 20 años viejo y están tan sucios sobre todos los años.  Necesitamos reemplazarlos.  Domingo viene un hombre que puede reemplazar las alfombras.

Finally, I have the pellet stove running.  This has happened before tonight, but it hasn’t wanted to stay running.  I’m hoping and praying the magic touch has been bestowed upon the stove so it will stay lit and we will finally warm up!

Por fin, la calefacción está funcionando bien.   Finalmente, la casa está cálido.

Cross your fingers!  Please let it keep going so it warms up!

And here I am, as I’ve been all day, bundled up trying to keep warm.  I’ve also been using a rice bag; heating it in the microwave and holding it in my hands.

Aqui, yo estoy con sombrero y chalina tratando estar calído.


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