7 November 2011

OMG!  I have just survived the most ridiculous taxi ride from the hotel to a restaurant.  This guy had no sense or respect of traffic rules.  He honked his horn, scooted in and out of traffic and parked cars, between lanes of traffic.  I was launched in the air when he encountered speed bumps.  We had a couple of bumper nudges and he just kept speeding along somehow avoiding anything more serious.  This trip rivaled the best of roller coaster rides and for the aficionados, the best part was that it lasted 20 minutes.

Dinner was a fabulous mix of Sushi, Sashimi, and rolls.  I had enough to bring back to the hotel for a second meal tomorrow.  This was great stuff!

I left Mancora yesterday for Lima and will leave Lima tomorrow for Los Angeles.  From there, I will head to Oregon.  This trip is earlier than planned, but we need to ready our home for sale; replace carpets, fix hot tub and pellet stove….etc.  The best part is that I will be in Oregon for a month and will hopefully get a chance to visit with a lot of friends I haven’t seen in a long time.

I apologize for the infrequency of my blogging, but we have been experiencing problems with our internet connection.  Both of us use USB sticks to connect; mine being Nextel and Doug’s being Claro. Over the last few months, it has become evident that the Claro stick far out performed my Nextel.  I did some research and found a 3G router which would accept a USB stick and then send out a wireless signal.  This way we could both use one stick and not have to pay for two.  Once we bought the router, I spent several hours for three days trying to get it to work.  Finally, I found out the USB stick we were trying to use was not compatible with the router!  GRRRRR……  So, I gave up the Nextel stick and bought a Claro stick today.  And, wonders of wonders, this new Claro stick is a different model than the one Doug has and it IS (supposed to be) compatible with the router.  Nothing comes easily!!


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