22 October 2011

Woo hoo; another project finished.  This triceratop quilt was designed by my daughter Mandy.  I was quite leery of the fabrics she chose to make it, but really like how it came together!  She is the artist after all!

Both of my animals have liked the quilt.  Especially Tsunami who would often sit on top of it while I was working.  She almost always came to “help!”

Our good friend Ferruco came by this afternoon with three young men from Oregon….yes, Oregon!  All three were from Portland.  All have been participants in raising funds for cancer through kite surfing.  One of them had won this trip to Peru for his contributions and came with his friends.  Two were cancer survivors.  What a small world, huh?

One of these guys, Jason, owns a plant company called urban flora.  He has been heavily involved in hydroponics and alternative gardens.  He suggested we check into his “fake grass” as we have a lot of land without ground cover mostly because we lack the water to maintain a lawn.  He tells us it is not astroturf, but so life-like you can’t really tell the difference….and it doesn’t need water for maintenance.  He also mentioned he had a friend who worked in a lock-down facility for teens in Portland…Mandy is working in a lock-down facility in the Portland area, but not sure exactly where it is.

I have also found a language sharing web site where I can connect with other people who wish to practice English and speak Spanish fluently.  So far I have visited with a law student here in Peru and a businessman involved in an import/export business in Mexico.  There are several ways to connect with people; by text messaging and by e-mail.  But tonight I signed on to the “chat” room where people waiting to chat were listed with their native language and the one they wished to practice.  Within a minute, I had a call from this young man in Mexico.  We spent 1/2 hour talking in Spanish and the last half hour talking in English.  It was quite spontaneous and quite fun.



  1. Beautiful project! Worthy of hanging on the wall! It’s fun seeing Tsunami, too – she has really grown.

    The world is indeed a small place. How is Mandy’s job going? I hope she is happy. I thought we would see her on Facebook but haven’t yet.

    Trent is home from Texas. They sent his airplane home so we should be here after Thanksgiving. When are you guys coming?

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