3 October 2011


Mandy´s dinosaur quilt is progressing.  I was able to baste the quilt top to the batting and backing this weekend.  I began the quilting process…..  Because there is a lot of applique in parts, I´m not sure how to quilt.  The highly appliqued parts are already a bit stiff and heavy……  so I still have decisions to make.  I want to have it finished by the time we visit the states in late November.

Mama Cocha kids were here today.  

Tracy and Hector came and settled right into the pool.  Both put on the arm floaties and were in the pool having fun in no time at all.

Elena also came and she sat at the side of the pool with me, but never actually got in.

Unfortunately we have found out that Moises has fluid around his brain which has been causing him severe headaches.  Doctors have recommended surgery to insert a valve to relieve the pressure.  As of today, he is home with his family in Los Organos, awaiting surgery.  He is still undergoing blood tests in anticipation of surgery.  We are told that once the  blood tests are completed, he will be sent to Lima for surgery.

On the way back to Mama Cocha’s, I spotted this flamingo along the beach in front of our house.  In the two years we’ve been here, we’ve only seen one other flamingo.  The locals tell us this is a rare  occurrence, and many of them have never seen flamingos here before.  They are much more common in Chile or farther north, but not here on the northern coast of Peru.  After dropping the kids off at Mama Cocha’s and taking Brian, the volunteer, back to Mancora, the flamingo was still on the beach as I came home.  I parked along the beach road and walked down to the beach to get a closer look.  I was able to get within about 30 feet and snapped some great pictures.  I didn’t push the issue and continue to get closer.  I didn’t want to make the flamingo feel uncomfortable; yet he/she was quite aware of my presence.   They are such a rare sight, I was thankful for being able to get as close as I did.  Wonders never cease here!

We have had many volunteer plants  come up.  When we were living at Georg’s vacation home while our house was being built, we started a compost.  As dry as it is here, that isn’t as easy as it might seem.  We put organic waste into a barrel in hopes of it making compost.  We’ve learned that as dry as it is here, we needed to add water and keep the compost moist, but even so, it didn’t necessarily decompose.  Regardless, we made the effort and Sanchez has added our “results” to the planting of various plants we’ve bought for the landscape.    We’ve only lost one or two of the plants we’ve bought because of the high content of salt in the soil.  For the most part, Sanchez has done a great job getting everything to grow.  We’ve had at least ten volunteer tomato plants come up and he has replanted them in a garden behind the house.    Another volunteer plant that has come up is a pea plant.  Sanchez installed a chicken wire fence for it to climb on today.  So far, we now have peppers, tomatoes, melons and peas in our garden.   Doug and Sanchez have terraced a garden along the kitchen entrance to the house.  We hope to put in spices; specifically  cilantro and basil….along with onions, carrots and other veggies.  Both Sanchez and Juana are so interested in what we’ll plant next.  Sanchez has already planted pepper and mint plants in the garden….he has his contributions, and we have ours.


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