30 September 2011

As I was coming home from my Spanish class in Mancora, I was stopped dead in my tracks once I hit Los Organos.  Keep in mind this is THE PanAmerican highway; a MAJOR  thoroughfare north and south from Chile to Alaska!

So, as soon as I entered Los Organos, I knew something was up because traffic stopped.  Usually there is very little traffic.  There were crowds of people heading toward the center square….normally there are some people milling about, but nothing that could be described as a crowd.  I first thought it was a funeral, as I passed a hearse heading out of town…but then he was going a different direction than everyone else.  Then, as I got closer, I saw kids with big long balloons and figured it wasn’t a funeral.  As it turned out, it was a celebration of the anniversary of one of the schools in Los Organos.  These anniversaries are huge her in Peru…..  this celebration was happening at 5:30 p.m. on a Friday night.  School is school, but celebrations often happen outside of school hours.  Teachers here put in incredible hours in addition to the school day for these celebrations….anniversaries, presidential elections and birthdays, and other national holidays all warrant extra time and extravagant celebrations.



























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