29 September 2011

Another great afternoon with Mama Coche kids!

Brian, a volunteer from Australia, has been with us for several weeks with the kids.   He´s been great with them.

Here he has Tracy and Hector on his shoulders.  Both these kids have continued to become more and more independent.  Tracy has not quite figured out how to combine her arm movements with kicks;  once she does, there won’t be any stopping her.  Hector has come a long ways in the last couple of weeks too.  He has gained enough confidence to know he can stand up in the pool, but still needs support.

This young gal has been coming with the kids; we think

she is a daughter of one of the house mothers, but haven’t been able to confirm it.  She is also very good with the kids and helps out.  Fortunately, she enjoys herself too!

Elena was also here today.  The last few time she’s been here she has sat at the side of the pool and put her feet in the water.  I finally got her close to wanting to go in, so I picked her up and brought her into the water.  She showed some concern, but was soon smiling and enjoying herself.  She is almost always smiling and reaching out to others with her hands.  She’s a real sweetheart.  She actually walked up the steps to the house and back down to the car with Brian holding her up.  She still doesn’t have the strength to stand for long on her own.  She has the basic idea of moving one foot ahead of the other, but it’s still quite awkward.

Juliana is one of the “Moms” at Mama Coche and she usually comes with her young some, Juan.  He is so cute, loves the water and hollers when he has to get out.


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  1. So awesome, Karen. This is such a great thing for the kids. I can tell how much you and Doug enjoy it, too. It is fun for us to read about their progress – and successes! Thanks for sharing!

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