28 September 2011

Who is in control??

A few days ago, as I drove into Mancora for my Spanish class, I passed the Mancora police station.  There were four or five officers standing outside the front door in full riot gear;  face masks, shields and billy clubs.  It also seemed like there was a much larger than usual police presence in the streets.  My initial thought was that this was a training exercise, as everything else seemed to be quite normal.

It wasn’t until a couple of days later that we were told the story.  Apparently, the police had arrested a local land owner…for some unknown reason.  He was being held at the Mancora police station.  Once the locals found out about this, there was an uproar and the public demanded his release.  There was a show-down….the police in riot gear, and the public demanding his release.  This situation escalated to the point where the public was threatening to burn down the police station if this man was not released.  The final resolution was the release of the prisoner…..


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  1. Oh my goodness, you keep life interesting! When I see you have a new posting, I can hardly wait to get on to see “What’s next with Karen and Doug”……Glad it was solved without major problems. Keep us posted on any other developments!!!

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