15 September 2011

A mystery solved….

Sanchez has been taking care of our garden.  Some plants have appeared that we didn’t buy… a couple of orange pepper plants, a tomato plant and a mint plant.  We figured Sanchez was planting some seeds along with our plants in our landscape.  It has been fun to see these plants appear and we actually have one tomato plant that has a tomato on.  We have also been harvesting peppers off of plant in our garden.  Lately we’ve noticed several other tomato plants appearing.  We finally realized that Sanchez used some of our “compost” that we were trying to make while we were living up at Georg’s.  Fortunately, one of the benefits of our efforts will be several tomato plants!

Mama Coche kids were here again today.  Once again, Tracy put the float wings on and was in the pool and on her own in no time at all!  She can navigate through the pool independently using these floats.  One thing she really enjoyed today was to stand on my thighs and jump off!  She had no problem going under water and then surfacing.  We also put the “wings” on Hector today which allowed him to be more independent….although he still clung to someone while he was in the pool.



  1. Love that you are having plants appear! Try some of your mint leaves crushed in a class with ice and a good squeeze of lime – very refreshing!!! Your season is just coming on and ours is ending =( – we didn’t have much of one.

    You didn’t try to call me, did you? I had a blocked call and yours is the only one I know that does that. Hugs to you, my friend! Miss you.

    1. No, I didn’t try to call, although I have thought about it numerous times! I have never liked mint, but am willing to try it fresh from the plant. We should have many tomato plants producing shortly. There are some other unidentified plants coming up too. Funny we though Sanchez was planting them! Any chance we might stay with you for a couple of days while we are in town after Thanksgiving? Mandy is in the house in Molalla, but she doesn’t have facilities to put us up other than sleeping bags on the floor. If it doesn’t work for you…no problem we will go to plan C. Love you, Karen

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