13 September 2011

My attempt at making coconut oil didn´t work out so well.  Everything went as it was supposed to except that when I skimmed off the “fat” and put it into the fry pan, it turned into a curdled mess.  I’m not sure exactly what happened…but next time I will use make more of the milk to see if I can get more to work with.  I’m not sure what to do in the final step of the process.

Yesterday was so cool, I actually wore long pants for the first time in two years.  Socks too!  I think the high was in the low 70’s and not even a hint of sunshine.  The lack of sunshine meant the solar panels didn’t get enough solar energy to fill the batteries….again a first.  We still had plenty of energy to run TV and lights for the night…the batteries just weren’t full.  The other consequence of such a cloudy and gloomy day was that we didn’t have any hot water.  Ah well, the water in the shower was still “warmer” than the water in the pool!

WooHoo!  I finished the intermediate level of my spanish course today and will start the advanced level tomorrow.  It’s a bit intimidating as I know I still have LOTS to learn.  I know I can read and write very well.  It’s the speaking that is my downfall!  I don’t have enough practice…which sounds crazy since I am living in a spanish speaking country.  But…Doug and I speak english and there are a lot of other people living here who also speak english.  I am not always in contact with spanish speaking people other than Juana and Sanchez.  I can get by in the market, but I don’t carry on conversations with our grocers.  Somehow, I need to find a way to practice my spanish on a daily basis.



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