8 September 2011

A Doug and I continue to try to eat healthier, we’ve read a lot about using coconut oil to cook with.  Apparently, it doesn’t have the same make up as most oils.  It has some good fats and very little of the harmful ones.  When Doug was in the states this last time, he bought some coconut oil.  He found it at a health food grocery store and it was quite expensive.  We have used one container of the coconut oil, really like the way it cooks and the way it tastes.

So, I decided to look up how to make coconut oil…and found that it wasn’t anything that required special treatment or equipment.  Plus we have an abundance of coconuts here.  Doug and I had fun sawing open the nut and trying to reserve the liquid inside.








Once we got it open, we then dug out the coconut meat and put it into the blender with three cups of liquid.








After blending it, I strained it through an old clean T-shirt.  All of the brown bits from the shell were filtered out and the “milk” came through the cloth easily.  Left in the cloth were flakes of coconut that had no taste.  All the milk and oils were strained out.  The information I read said to give it to the animals;  Tsunami wasn’t too sure about it but Stormy chowed down!

The last step for today was to put the liquid into a covered container and let it sit for 24 to 48 hours.

I had some calamari and shrimp in the refrigerator that needed to get cooked,  so I made a soup with some of the coconut milk.  Yum, but means less coconut oil in the end.

I had two surprises today.  After I pulled the head off of the calamari, I washed out the tubes.  I pulled a small strip of what I thought was plastic out of the tube.  I couldn’t imagine how it had gotten in there.  However, as I cleaned the others, they all had this strip.  It turns out this is the “bone” in the calamari.  I guess I’ve never cleaned calamari myself; I usually just buy the tubes.  The second surprise was to find an entire fish inside another calamari.








Doug and I took a 5km walk on the beach this afternoon.  Stormy thoroughly enjoyed romping on the beach and in the waves.  We walked all the way to the pier at El Nuro and watched the sea turtles for a bit.  There is also some new construction going on along the beach that you can’t really see from the road.  These will be very nice homes; but do sit right on the beach.  Peruvian law requires homes to be more than 50 meters from the high tide mark.  High tides will reach their foundations.  I understand the this development has permits for the construction and are allowed the variance because the permits were issued before  the law took effect.



  1. Great story about the robber! What a fun way to do your lesson. I had to laugh when I read about the coconut oil. Ken and Bonnie sent some home with us from Denver and I just tried it this morning. I used it to make an omelet this morning – and thought the sweet coconut flavor wouldn’t have been my choice. I think it might be good with some stir frying things or in baked goods. The sweetish omelet was odd – so I put salsa on it – fixed it right up! How did your oil turn out? Your fish stories are amazing – you are learning so much. “When we come down”, don’t fix calamari for Trent. He ate some at the Greek Festival one time and ended up getting sick. (Of course it couldn’t have had anything to do with all the beer he drank there….nope, must have been the calamari!)

    1. Doug also brought back some coconut oil that doesn’t have the coconut flavor….haven’t tried it yet, but it says it’s flavorless. I have to let the milk sit for 24 to 48 hours to let it ferment before taking the oil out. I’ll definitely keep you posted! I definitely like the sound of “when we come down”!!!

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