5 September 2011

Two of the Mama Coche kids came today; Hector and Tracy.  It was nice to be able to give them real focused one on one attention today.

Tracy has been so close to swimming on her own.  I bought her a set of “floaties” that fit around her upper arm to see if that would give her the extra confidence and buoyancy she needed.   Once she realized that the floaties would keep her upper body up and that she could stand on the bottom, she was off.  It wasn’t too much longer before she didn’t want any support from me and actually pushed my hands away.








Once she gained her confidence, she even began trying to float on her back.  She swallowed a lot of water, and came up sputtering a couple of times, but always shook it off and had a big smile on her face.








Stormy always likes to get into the act.  She’ll bring one of her toys over by the pool and “accidentally” drop it into the water.  Tracy is rather possessive of the toy and doesn’t always want to throw it back to Stormy or to any of the other kids.  Today she stuffed the ball into the front of her bikini bottoms so no one else could get it!  She later threw it over the edge but no one saw her do it.  It didn’t take Stormy too long to find it though.

Hector also had a good day in the pool.  He was not at all sure about the floaties and steered clear of them.  He was able to stand on the bottom of the pool and actually walk a little ways.








He always thoroughly enjoys his time in the pool.  He has a rather severe case of cerebral palsy but he is still able to walk on his own.  He has a tendency to tighten up all his muscles and has trouble letting up and relaxing.  We usually try to move his legs and get him to kick which he will do quite frantically at times especially with his right leg.






  1. Hi! Just got home from a week in Denver. We went for my uncle’s memorial service and ended up driving home. I could see the beginnings of your posts on my phone but couldn’t get the whole thing, so I’ve been anxious to get home and hear “the rest of the stories!” Ok, so what happened with the gun fire? What were the fish the chief of police brought and what was the story with all your spanish words????????? Your spanish must be improving by leaps and bounds!

    So fun to hear the stories about the kids swimming. School has started here and it is finally warm. We have just a smallish pool in the back so I’d imagine that Payton will be wanting in it tomorrow night before soccer. I can see all my plants will need lots of water, too. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the stories!!!!!

    1. Hi! I was pretty disappointed when no one picked up on the rest of the stories….. good to know you’re still there. Check back in the blogs for the answers. And check out tonight’s for some surprises! Doug and I will be in Oregon just after Thanksgiving. Hope we will get a chance to spend some time together. Love you, K

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