3 September 2011

What started out being a quiet Saturday quickly became rather eventful.  The Automobile Club of Lima put on a Rally car race here this weekend.  The cars began gathering on Thursday in Los Organos and crews set up tents where they would continue to put the final touches on their cars.  From our experience a couple of years ago, we knew the road would be closed at about 10:00 to all traffic to let the cars run.  I ran into town to do the shopping and was back home just about 10:00.

Doug and I were sitting in the studio watching the US Open Tennis tournament when, ZOOM and RUMBLE RUMBLE a rally car sped by!

     There were about 15 cars that took to the course and each run was timed.  The cars started out in Lobitos and traveled north through Cabo Blanco, directly in front of our house and then on to El Ñuro.  Cars came by every four minutes or so.  Doug guesses these cars were traveling close to 60 kilometers per hour and they sure kicked up a lot of dust!

It turned out there were three different heats that ran today.

We travel this road every day.  This is a dirt road in very poor condition.  It is extremely uneven; predominately rock…big rocks bigger then cars covered with dirt.  The washboard sections are the least of the problems.  There are sections of drifting sand and other sections where rocks protrude helter skelter.  Neither one of us can think of a section that would be considered a straight-away.  It is by far worse than any road I’ve been on in Oregon!

Then at about 2:30 in the afternoon, a car pulled up outside our gate and the driver called out  “Douglas”  (sounding like Doooglus).  It was the chief of police for the Los Organos area highway patrol and his family.  They had been down at the pier in El Ñuro fishing and brought some fish for ceviche.  We invited them up to the house and proceded to make the ceviche.  They also brought something I had never seen before.


OK, so here is the mystery seafood.  Anyone know what it is?  We boiled these in water, then cut off the teardrop shaped “shell” and cut the meat out of the stem.  The meat tasted quite a bit like lobster; very rich and very good.  It is something that thrives on rocks where the surf is turbulent.  We also learned it is a delicacy that is very expensive if you were to buy it in a store.  Their english name are goose barnacles.

Also, to reveal the story about the drawing in the last post:  A robber breaks into this home looking for jewels.  He finds a fish dish prepared for the evening meal.  He finds a bottle of wine to go along with it.  After he enjoys this meal he heads into the master bedroom to find the jewels.  He collects what he can find and throws them onto the bed, but one falls onto the floor.  He crawls under the bed to retrieve the jewel and, as he was feeling very tired after the meal and the wine, stayed under the bed for a nap.  The woman of the house hears his snoring and came to investigate.  She then calls the police and fortunately, the robber continues to sleep until the police arrive.


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