2 September 2011

It was so windy today, there were white caps in the pool!  The weather has been a bit warmer; getting up to about 80 degrees during the day.  Thankfully it is still rather cool at night….67 degrees.  This is our spring time so things are a bit warmer, but still very comfortable.

There was a sea lion that washed up on the beach this morning.  Unfortunately, this happens more often than one would think.  The fishermen hate them as they can tear up their nets in an instant or can steal fish off their lines.  It seems to be a constant battle.  When the sea lions wash up on the beach, the buzzards pretty much take care of it until the tides wash the remains back out to sea.

I had a great Spanish class tonight.   It started out with this drawing:

(I apologize for not being able to crop this drawing….)

We were then given these words;

to rob                      fish

vino                        agents

tumble                   advise


to snore

Given this picture and these words, we were to write a story to explain what was going on.  I would be very curious to hear what stories you can come up with for this story…  I’ll reveal the story in a following post.

All this said, today’s lesson was exactly what I needed.  These stories entailed things that happened in the past which means that the various forms of verbs in the past were used.  In Spanish, these include the preterito, imperfecto, pluscumperfecto, perfecto, and imperfecto.  I can’t remember ever learning various verb forms in English like this.  This is where I need to think in Spanish!





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