28 August 2011

Doug and I were awakened at 12:30 a.m. by multiple gun shots and shouting.  The shots came from our neighbors place.  We initially speculated that his construction crew had come back to the hotel late, probably drunk, and making a lot of noise.  So, Paco, being angry at being awakened, fired off his gun and yelled.  As it turned out this wasn’t the case.  The guardian for the property just north of Paco’s was assaulted by a group of men who claimed the property did not belong to his employer.  The guardian ran to Paco’s for help.  This is when Paco fired off his gun and yelled to run the assaulters off.

This dispute is over the ownership of land.  One owner has been putting up a fence to delineate the boundaries of the property.  One day they installed about a hundred feet of fence and painted the bamboo green with red tops.  The next morning all the poles were painted red.  Another section of fence disappeared overnight.  This has now been rebuilt and painted green with red tops.  We have heard many stories of land disputes.  I’m not exactly sure how the initial ownership of the land is determined, but it seems like it may be by homesteading.   We’ve heard stories of a particular piece of property being sold by the “owner” two or even three times and the new “owners” are left to battle out ownership.

Given everything that goes on around us, we are considering finding a lawyer to check out our claim to our land.  We are definitely in possession of the land and don’t think this is in dispute.  Last year, though, we paid our property taxes through Georg, the original owner.  This makes me wonder whether we are actually registered as the “possessors” of the property.  Oh, the ins and outs of it all.  Regardless, we are happy here.  We are settled here and feel safe here.  The police seem to be our friends and protectors at the moment.


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  1. Ohhhh! Please, please, please be safe!!!! I’m now quite glad you were given the gun by the police – and wonder if they knew something was “in the works”. You DO keep us on the edge of our seats with all the happenings there. Your life is not dull, my friend. When we had police lights outside our house recently, it was because there was a birthday party and the husband of one of the guests is a police officer and came by to offer felicitations – and the neighborhood kids begged him to turn on his lights. Not nearly as exciting as your story! Sending you safe thoughts!

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