25 August 2011

We had an unexpected visit today by the local police.  The two officers on the left are local highway patrol.  The gentleman on the left is their boss in Los Organos.  Officer Zapate, on the right, was one of the local cops who arranged for the district boss to stay here with his family during the holiday for Peruvian´s independence.  They came at lunch time and shared a couple of beers with Doug.  Doug also brought out the Crown Royal and the boss really liked that.

Upon leaving they told Doug they would return this afternoon.


So later this afternoon, the officers arrived with a  shotgun.  And they wanted to do some target practice.  We all went up behind Georg’s property and they set up a bamboo pole in the distance as a target.  I warned Sanchez about what was going on and he came to watch.  Interestingly enough, Doug was the only one to actually hit the target.  None of the police officers were able to do so.  Mmmmm.

Our neighbor, Paco, came to investigate.  He heard the gunshots and came to see what was happening.  Nice to know our neighbors will look out for us too.

Mama Coche kids came again today.  I was pleasantly surprised to see Maria.  She is the woman who prompted the establishment of Mama Coche, but has been living at home with her family for the last couple of months.  Both Doug and I were so appalled by this, but were powerless to effect any change.  Mama Coche’s charter states very clearly that if the family and/or the child wants to live at home, then they are free to do so.  There is no system for child/family services here in Peru.  Family rules.  She did not get into the pool today, but came close.  She crouched along the edge and allowed on of the “moms” to pour water over her.  She is understandable terrified of men, so would move away any time Doug or Kieran came close.

We were so happy to see she was back at Mama Coche where she would receive loving attention.  Hard to imagine her journey into adulthood.  She is now 28 years old.

Our carpenter friend has finished some pieces of furniture for us.  We needed two more beds to complete the furnishing of the bungalows and the servants quarters.  Both beds are basically platform beds with three drawers along each side.  Finding queen mattresses in Peru is a bit difficult, but the local furniture shop says they can order in the size we need.

Charapo, the carpenter, has also built a sewing table to my specifications.  It will be a meter and a half square, with a cut out for the machine.  Once the machine is in place, the sewing surface will be the same as the table.  He has also made a “box” to fit where the machine would be, so if I just want a flat table, I will have it…  There will also be three drawers in the table for storage.  This sewing table will go out into our “solar/storage” room, which will eventually be my sewing room one things are cleared out.

Charapo made two beds with 6 drawers each and a sewing table made to my specifications all for about $1000.  It is so amazing to be able to make a drawing of what you want and have someone build it for you.



  1. Life at your house never ceases to amaze and tickle me. Glad the policia are friends and not there to take either of you away! Of course, they’ll be calling on Doug to join their posse when they need him – Dead-eye Doug!

    I guessed I missed the story on Mama Coche and Maria. When you get a chance, fill me in, please. I already know it is going to be an interesting story.

    Your beds and machine table are beautiful. The box that fits where the machine sits is a cool idea. Then, when you have your “parties” and need another table, you have it!! Nice

    1. Nadine, Thank you so much for your continued contact. Maria was the reason for the establishment of Mama Coche. She was found at the age of twenty-one living naked in a chicken coop. She had been repeatedly abused by various uncles and male members of her family. She has limited speech and is psychologically extremely messed up. She has been associated with Mama Coche for the last eight years. She still makes visits home and is still reluctant sometimes to come back to Mama Coche’s. It’s an incredibly sad story.

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