15 August 2011

I found out this afternoon that Mama Coche lost their electricity last night at about 11:00.  Two large poles fell and snapped electrical lines to the school.  The local electrical company said this was not their responsibility as their school was outside of the boundaries of Los Organos, which is true but by only 50 feet or so.  It then falls to the administration of the school to buy new poles, have them put in, and arrange for the city electrician to hook everything back up.  What rotten luck.  I will meet with them in the morning to see how I can help them get this done ASAP.

I saw my first whale of the season today.  It was quite a ways out but it gave us quite a show breaching and  splashing.  While watching I spotted at least one more by its blow.  They are such a wonder to see.  I could see a thousand a day and still be in awe of them.


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