8 August 2011

Have you ever wished your eyes could snap a picture?  Today was one of those days I wish this were true.  Mama Coche kids came to swim as usual on Mondays.  The kids were all curious who Ana was, so I introduced her.  They invited her into the pool.  They fell in love with her when she cannonballed into the pool.  Ana also enjoyed the kids.

I piled everyone into the pick-up and we took off.  Claudia in the front with Joana, Moises and Hector in the back with Kieren.  Everyone had their turn honking the horn and we had a merry time heading down the road.  When we got to the turn off for the pier at El Nuro, I asked Joana if she wanted to stop and see the sea turtles.  She agreed and off we went.  At the entrance to the pier, a fisherman gave us a bag of small fish, squid and crab to feed the turtles.  When we got out onto the pier, there were lots of people.  They were meeting the fishing boats as they came in and transferring fish to the processing area, or buying fish.  In the water there were about twenty pelicans, all looking to get some left overs.  No sea turtles.  I was feeling really disappointed when one turtle surfaced quite a distance away.  The turtle food was going to the pelicans.  However, pretty soon the turtles came closer so we could see them.  It was obvious the pelicans were going to get the food before the turtles, so I started to throw the food off to the side hoping the birds would move to one side.  It worked.  Pretty soon we saw lots of turtles.  One even surfaced underneath a pelican and the pelican just slid off its back.  Each and every one of the kids took their turns tossing “turtle food” into the water.  The expressions on their faces were so precious!  Sorry I can’t share this in a photo, but at least I have a snapshot of it in my mind.



    1. Les,
      You are right. We have been very fortunate to meet so many interesting and wonderful people here. Mancora is a town about 18 kilometers north of us and it is a well known beach vacation spot. There are people who come to this area from all over the world and we’ve managed to meet some of them. I miss my very good friends in Oregon, but I am also quite content with my newer friends here.
      Thank you soooo much for writing. It was good to hear from you. I’d love to hear how and what you and Carol are doing….

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