7 August 2011

Today was a productive day.  I finished the cushion covers and have them on the cushions.  The only thing left to do is devise a system to tied them down onto the lounge chairs.  I installed tabs along the sides and think I’ll attach small rope pieces to the chairs.  I’ll have to figure it out in the morning before our Mama Coche kids come for a swim!

Our friend Ana came out to the house today and will stay for a few days.  She has been out of water for the last four days at house so I offered one of our bungalows to her.  She had also told me that she would come out and keep me company while Doug was away.

We went to the fishing pier at El Nuro as some of the women in the village had told me the sea turtles were there for their annual migration to their breeding grounds.  We saw many green sea turtles and figured there must have been at least 50.  And this was just from one vantage point on the pier.  I found it interesting that the turtles don’t congregate around either the Los Organos or Mancora piers.  I’m guessing that is because of the amount of people, fishermen and boats in those harbors.  Also, the beach in Mancora is very narrow and almost disappears altogether at high tide.



















  1. How long with Doug and Juana be gone? Glad Anna is there for company. When we were in Mexico last December, the turtles were hatching and crawling out to the ocean. We watched people bringing buckets of them and releasing them at the water’s edge. It was pretty cool.

    1. Juana returns on Wednesday and Doug will be back in two weeks. The turtles are truly amazing. I’m tempted to get my snorkle gear and go join them!

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