6 August 2011

Things are sure quiet with Doug and Juana gone.  Doug is in the states visiting with his family in Texas.  Juana went “home” to visit with her mother.  So…Sanchez and I are alone here.  Oh, so quiet.

I started another project today….I need to recover the cushions for the lounge chairs at poolside.  The elastic on the older ones have given up any semblance of elasticity and have faded a bit.  I’m not so concerned about the fading, but the elastic doesn’t keep the covers on when there’s a bit of wind.  And when there is more than a bit of wind, the covers look like sails and have actually pulled the chairs into the pool!

So, this time I made the covers like an envelope the cushion slips into.  This will gives us two sides to use and solve the problem of the cover acting like a sail.  I put loops on the sides so they can be tied down to the chairs.

I was able to finish two cushions today, and, with any luck, I can finish the other two tomorrow.  With any luck, Tsunami will continue to provide her help and support by in the middle of it all!

The seamstresses out there might find it interesting how I bought the zippers.  I went to this little market stall in Los Organos where the owner sells cloth, towels, tablecloths, makes curtains and notions.  
If you look closely you can see his old Singer sewing machine out front.  I have often bought thread from him before.  When I asked about zippers, he pulled a length of zipper out of a bag.





I asked for 5 meters worth and 5 pulls.  The merchant cut a 5 meter length of zipper, and then worked five pulls onto the zipper.  This way, the seamstress cuts the zipper to the length desired.  Each meter length, including the pull, cost me about $.70.  I can’t remember what I paid for a zipper in the states, but I’ll bet it was close to ten times the cost here.




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