4 August 2011

Mama Coche kids arrived again today, as they do every Monday and Thursday.  José was among the group today; it has been a long time since he has come.  It was good to see him again.  Hector and Tracy also came.  These two appear to be regulars.  Both José and Hector have huge smiles on their faces from the time they enter the gate until we drop them off at Mama Coche´s in Los Organos.

Along with the kids came a couple from Australia.  They are here for vacation for a month and decided to volunteer some of their time while here.  I am in awe of these young couples that come for vacation; for the beach and the surfing but still give their time to volunteer.  Kieren (?) and Sarah will be back next week.  Hopefully I will also get some time to visit with them outside of Mama Coche time.

I had to laugh at Hector.  We had just loaded everyone into the pickup (four adults and four children) and just exited the gate as I was taking them back to Mama Coche’s.  He reached around between the window and the driver’s seat to hand me the seat belt.  Then as I was pulling it forward to bring it around to the latch, he reached around the other side of the seat to hold the latch for me.

Doug is in the US for about three weeks.  Hector really missed him today in the pool.  He still enjoyed himself, but was constantly looking toward the house to get a glimpse of Doug.  It was hard for us to engage him today, but for the most part, we were successful.

I went to the “vivero” today and bought some more plants for the landscape.  I was able to buy 12 gallon size plants of various types for less than $80.  I tried to find plants that had some color or had some blossoms.  We still have many more things to accomplish before things are landscaped here.  There is a Peruvian saying….”poco a poco.”  Meaning little by little.


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