25 July 2011

Stacy is the newest member of Mama Coche.  She is definitely a go-get-er!  Even though she is deaf, and can’t speak, she is full of energy.  Some of this energy comes out as naughtiness.  When she arrived today, she literally jumped into the pool on top of me!  Her energy level was quite frenetic for the first 40 minutes.  She was then passed on to Doug and she wrapped her arms around his neck and proceeded to totally relax.  It looked like she had fallen asleep!  Doug just held on and he enjoyed this time with a quiet Stacy.  She was still quiet as the other kids were getting ready to leave.  She was the first one ready and quietly walked off as everyone else was busy with others.  I saw her leave and took off after her, calling her name…which doesn’t do any good as she can’t hear.  She marched down the steps, climbed into the truck, and shut the door.  She then proceeded to pretend to drive.  All was fine until she took the truck out of gear!  Thankfully she didn’t know how to lock the door (which I have no doubt she would have if she had known how), so I was able to get in and set the emergency brake.  I then rolled the window down so I had better access as she played at driving.  Then it was on, she and I battled over the window.  She was really enjoying   What an imp!

Earlier in the week, we met our upcoming neighbors.  Yvo, his wife Maria, and their four year old daughter, Sophia.  Yvo is in the hotel business and Maria is an elementary school councilor in the San Jose area in California.  They have bought a lot from Georg along with his father and brother.  Fortunately we were able to spend some time with them and we became quick friends.  Maria joined us in the pool today with the Mama Coche kids.

Here is Maria with Claudia, a girl with Down Syndrome.  Maria was great with the kids and they enjoyed her antics.  Claudia actually held her breath and went underwater today!






The last couple of weeks have been FULL of soccer.  The COPA America cup in Argentina has captured the interest of so many here.  Of course, soccer is huge here.  Peru did quite well and came in third behind Paraguay and Uruguay.  We had company at the house for many of the games, as we have a TV.  Each of these occasions came along with a meal and lots of beer.  We have met many new people at these gatherings; people we will keep in touch with.




I found out my Spanish isn’t as strong as I think it is.  I told my neighbor’s daughter, Melanie, that I wanted to train Tsunami to float on the kickboard in the pool.   She then told her younger brother, Mathies…who later picked Tsunami up and promptly set her down on the kickboard in the pool.  Of course, Tsunami bailed into the pool, got soaked but was soon tossed out and safe.  I’m not sure whether the miscommunication was a result of my poor Spanish, or the distortion that happens with information passed along the line!










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  1. Hello all, A wet Tsunami does not sound like a happy Tsunami. I am glad you are blogging again. Miss you both. Have a great & safe day! Bruce

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