16 July 2011

Ana and her son and friends came to the house today to enjoy the pool and to watch the COPA Americana soccer match.  Peru played Ecuador in the semi-finals and won 2 to 1.   They will play in the finals against Uruguay on Tuesday.  Peruvians take soccer very seriously.

Ana is an elderly woman (she would swat me to know I called her elderly) we met in Los Organos.  She bought the house our doctor friend, Marianna, lived in.  Ana added a second floor apartment, and refurbished the first floor.  She now rents out the first floor and lives on the second floor.

Ana tells us she is a self esteem coach.  She lived up in the mountains before coming here, and she organized women and taught them skills to become self sufficient.  She is hoping to do the same in Los Organos.  She has also begun a business with a friend, Lucia, selling bathing suits and lingerie.  There products are very well made and each is unique.  No two bikinis/suits are the same.  High quality, well made suits.

Ana suffers from extreme cholesterol, but does not take medication to reduce it.  She depends upon diet to control it.  To me, she seems very fragile….and I worry about her.

Ana’s son and his friends spoke excellent English, so communication was not an issue.  We enjoyed our afternoon with them and hope to connect with them in the future.

Copa Americana fans


  1. Happy to see that you are writing again on your blog. We spent the day at the Enchanted Forest with our son’s family and another granddaughter. Seven of us got together at Tebo’s for lunch on Friday, catching up as the summer is half over.

  2. Love the picture – gives us a perspective of how your house appears on the inside and how you use it. I am so happy that you are surrounded by so many friends in Peru. Hope you ARE feeling better – you must be, you didn’t mention it. I’m heading to the condo at Lincoln City today. I’ll be looking at the same ocean you are – and thinking of you…of course your water is just a tad warmer…=) Love you!

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