14 July 2011

I ended up at the clinic Tuesday.  I’ve had a bad head cold, and it has now turned into a sever sinus infection.  The doctor did a brief exam; enough to know my lungs were clear, my head was congested, my sinus’ infected and my face hurt.  He then proceeded to give me an injection.   This was a cocktail of saline solution, penicillin, and an anesthetic.  He also took a blood sample to run labs.  His nurse was busy, so the doctor did this himself; very smooth, with hardly a prick.  He also gave me a prescription for an antibiotic, decongestant and pain killer.  All this together came to about $60.

The doctor also told me not to drink anything cold, no soda or juice (just water), or eat any citrus.  I always thought vitamin C citrus was good for a cold.

It’s now Thursday, and I feel much better.  See what a shot in the butt does?  Is that anything like a kick in the pants?  …shot in the dark?…

Mama Coche kids came again today as they usually do on Thursdays.  Today there was a new child, Tracy.  Tracy is deaf and doesn’t speak although she is able to understand some signs.  She was really excited about going into the pool and practically beat everyone else into the pool.  I think the only thing that held her back was she wasn’t sure she could touch bottom.  She held on to me and played with the other kids in the pool.  She also liked to get out and take a shower, then get back into the pool.  The pool shower is often quite warm until the water in the underground pipes runs out and water is pulled from the tanks.  The pool is still on the cool side, so maybe this was her objective.  She’ll be a bit of a handful as she seems to like to hit and push her companions.



  1. I saved your blog on my list so hopefully I will be better about following now! It’s fun to see what you are up to!

  2. I am so happy to see that you are blogging again. I feel like I am getting news n’ feel closer to Los Organos. Thank you so much Karen.
    I hope you are feeling better. Maybe stay out of the pool for a little bit?
    Looking forward to returning home! Big love, Cheers!

  3. i just, by chance this morning, clicked on your blog and was pleased to see you on here, too. I don’t know the difference between here and regular Facebook, but this feels more personal, plus you often have great pictures. I’m glad you are feeling better, too. Hope it continues to your next blog, which I haven’t read yet….=)

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