Karen left for the U.S. on Sunday of last week with a 16 hour bus ride to Lima. Our friend Mariana picked her up from the bus station and off they went for a wonderful lunch at a restaurant that specializes in salads and sandwiches. They did a little running around in the afternoon and then Karen made her way to Maximo’s house for the night.  On Tuesday, Karen boarded her plane to L.A. while trying frantically to get her Boost phone back in service for her state side phone. I tried calling Boost and finally got thru, but this guy is somewhere in India and we do not communicate very well at all. He finally askes me if I have her phone to get her info for him…..NO! She has her phone and is on the plane to L.A. Sorry but I cannot help you sir. I called my sister and asked her to start doing drive thru’s at 8:30 and they made the connection. That’s my big sister!

Karen spent the night with Gail and the next morning did some running around with my sister Sherry before heading to the airport at Ontario, Ca for her flight to Denver to see her two sisters..I’m a little jealous! They have 3 days and 3 nights of sisters time, visiting, eating good food, drinking a little wine and just relaxing.

Karen just called to let me know that she was at the airport in Chicago waiting for her daughter Mandy to pick her up…Poor Mandy had gone to the wrong airport and had to drive back across town to get Karen….poor Karen is still waiting, hopefully not to much longer.

This is Karen’s big stop, Mandy is graduating from grad school with a Master’s in Art Therapy….You Rock Mandy! I am so proud of this young lady! Enjoy your time together, I miss you both!

Meantime, back at the beach,  Stormy, Tsunami and I are sure missing Karen. I’m still doing the daily routine, getting up at 5:30 go for a run on the beach, breakfast at 6:00, walk thru the things that I want the gardener to work on, get the grocery list from Juana and off to town for my daily shopping trip. I really look forward to my trips to town, I visit with so many people each day( to bad I don’t speak Spanish). I get my blood pressure checked every couple of days, check up on the local gossip and then head for the house.

Juana and Sanchez stop at 12:00 for a 2 hour lunch so I try and do my lunch near that time. When lunch is over I try and swim 400 meters and then sun for about 30 minutes.

I enjoy eating a fairly early supper, so around 4:30 or 5:00 I start preparing my meal. I finish up around 6:00, relax a little and then swim another 400 meters before watching the Basketball play-offs.

My neighbors have a 23 year old nephew from Lima working for them and he asked me to take him to Mancora to look around. I told him to let me know when he had some money and we would go. On Saturday Jacob calls “Hey Doug I have money, let’s go to Mancora”. We get to Mancora around 1:30 in the afternoon with my friends Jay from Canada and Mark from Scotland. We sit on the beach drinking beer and watching the people walk by taking guesses as to where different people are from. Two girls walked by and said German and Jay says Finland….I go and ask and they tell me Finland.. one wrong. We met two sisters from Upstate N.Y. one is studying law in San Francisco the other is a Physician working in Lima.

We had a very late lunch or early supper and then off to hit the main drag….nothing happening there so back to the beach bars and more interesting things. We danced and joked and tried to make some guys a little angry just having fun and finally got home at 2:30 a.m. Jacob was totally boring the whole time ( I had way more fun than he ever thought of having).

I woke up at 6:00 instead of 5:30…I mean to me that is sleeping in!

Today I took off at 6:50 to take Juana and Sanchez’ daughter to the bus station in Organos and then I was off to Talara to get the truck serviced. They told me that today was a major service day and I would not be able to pick up my truck until 5:00 or 6:00 this afternoon. I walked to the bus station, got a ticket to Organos, walked to the gate and run into Juana and Sanchez’ daughter again ( I had offered to take her to the bus station in Talara but her dad said to take her to Organos). She’s off to Piura where she works in a Pharmacia and so we go opposite directions. I’m home for lunch, a swim, a short nap in the hammock, an early supper and enjoying the animals. Back to Talara tomorrow to get the truck.

I really wish that more of you could come and experience this really tough life of mine.

I am not going to blog in Spanish and I am not going to blog very often, so enjoy what you get when you get it!

Hugs to everyone



  1. WoW!! Doug! Great work!! You should write more often. Sorry to hear that you’re missing your lovely wife, but it sounds like you are having fun n’ keeping your days filled with swimming, cooking n’ doing chores! Glad to hear that all is well.
    Both Jim n’ I are back at work. Same old.
    Pet the dog n’ kick the cat……hugs to you! Cheers!

  2. Loved your blog, Doug! It’s fun to see things from your point of view. Only thing missing: horses! =) I’m glad Karen is having a great time, too. Wish we could be there to help Mandy celebrate! She is an amazing young lady, isn’t she.

    Do keep up the blog while Karen is gone. I’ve missed her blogs while she’s been gone – AND, I thoroughly enjoy yours. You don’t have to be as long every time, we love anything we can get!

  3. Great job Doug. Thank you for the update. Wish i could come down. Not enough $$ to do that.
    Miss you also. Have a great day!

  4. whoo! sooo happy to finally see what the heck you guys are up too!! I have been checking daily to see if there is an update fro m Karen and was wondeering if all was ok? so glad it is. whew! your too funny! Hope Karen won’t be gone too long , especially with the chance of you not posting regularly. like she does. Kick the dog hug the cat!! 🙂 Clif f and Marion will stop by my place on there way to Montana for vacation. CAn’t wait to see them. 5 and 1/2 days of school left. If I had the moola to come visit I would. sounds fabulous!

  5. I really enjoyed your blog as much as I enjoy the Karen. I hope to read more of your adventures in the future. Many greetings to Karen, and congratulations to Mandy.

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