11 April2011/11 abril 2011

The election results with 80% of the votes counted are as follows:

Humala – 31.4%

Keiko Fujimori-23.2

PPK- 19.2%

There will be a run-off election on June 5th between Humala and Fujimori.

One of the local newspapers reported a poll; when asked if they thought Humala would make a good president,  27% polled said yes, and 73% said no.  So why is he the fore runner?



  1. Very interesting – and lucky you! You don’t have to endure months and months and months of political ads on tv, countless mailings, phone calls, and people knocking on your door!

    1. I do think we get much less of the campaigning out here. I remember being in Arequipa during an election and the blaring loudspeakers on top of cars going by were annoying. I am glad the second round comes so quickly….June 5th and it’s all over. Any power of attorney in the mail yet? K

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