12 March 2011/12 marzo 2011

The kitten is back!  She is now two weeks older than when we first got her.  She is still very young.  She didn’t eat or urinate or defecate at all during the first day.  She seemed totally disinterested in milk or any food we put in front of her. 

La gata regresa!  Ahora, ella crece dos semanas mas.  Ella esta muy joven todavia.  No come nada o orina o defeca durante el primero dia.  Aparece que no esta interesante en la leche o comida que ponemos afrente de ella.

However, today we gave her a little bit of tuna and she began to eat.  I would dip the tuna in a bit of milk, and she would lick it off my finger.  Pretty soon she was eating on her own.  She won’t eat dried kitten food yet…but at least she is eating.  She is much more animated today.  She also arrived covered with fleas, so the first thing we did when she arrived here was to give her a bath.  She actually did very well while I gave her a bath, and she looked so much better after her bath!

Pero, hoy dia, la dia un poco de atun y ella empezo a comer.  Pongo un poco de atun en leche y ella lamio la comida en mi dedo.  Pronto, ella estaba comiendo solo.  No come comida para gatitas seco, pero esta comiendo.  Ella esta mas animado hoy dia.  Ella tiene muchas pulgas cuando llego.  Entonces, el primera cosa que hacer en la casa es un bano.  Ella estuvo casi tranquilo durante el bano, y despues aparece mucho mejor.

Last night we had a lot of people here awaiting the tsunami.  One of our guest suggested the name tsunami for the kitty.  It seems to have stuck.  The dog’s name is Stormy…the cat is tsunami.  It all fits.

Anoche tenemos mucha gente aca espera el tsunami.  Una amiga sugerio el nombre “tsunami” para la gatita.  Aparece un bien nombre.  La perra se llama Tormenta..la gata, “tsunami.”  Es perfecto.

Our neighbors and their guests left our house about 11:00 last night and built a fire on the beach.  They told us this morning that the ocean was not normal while they were there.  At one point, the water receeded out beyond the rocks which are normally covered at low tide.  At another point, the water rose to a point that almost engulfed their fire.  Certainly the ocean was acting strangely, but was it a tsunami?  Who knows?

Nuestros vecinos y sus huespedes salieron nuestra casa a las once de la noche, y hacieron una fogata en la playa.  Ellos nos dicieron esta manana que el mar no estuvo normal anoche.  En uno  momento, el mar esta borrrandose mas de normal.   En un otro momento, el mar subio al punto de la fogata.  Ciertamente el mar deporte de un modo raro,  pero esta un tsunami?  Quien sabe?

We continue to have a wonderful visit con Koky and his family.  We went down to the beach and had fun with the dogs and kids.  Their nanny has taken care of the children which has given us a lot of time to visit.  Both of them have been under a lot of stress, so it is great to see them relax.

Continuamos a disfrutar nuestro visita con Koky y su familia.  Vamos a la playa esta tarde y jugando con los perros y las ninas.  Su nanny cuida por las ninas que darnos tiempo para visitar.  Koky y Rocio estuvieron vivir con mucho estres, entonces es bueno a ver los dos relejarse.

I cooked a tenderloin tonight and Doug and Koky really hammed it up in the kitchen!  I made a Bernaise sauce, which is the first time since we have been in Peru.  Obviously we have had a lot of fun! 

Cocino un lomito esta noche.  Douglas y Koky disfrutan mucho en la cocina.  Hecho una sauca de Bernaise, y es el primero vez que hacerlo en nuestro tiempo en Peru.  Evidentemente disfrutamos mucho.



  1. Tsunami – cute and very appropriate. Will you shorten it to Tsumi? Love her big ears and eyes. Kittens are such fun. What does Stormy think?

    Glad there were no problems with the tsunami there. The news said the drawing out and pushing in were typical of a tsunami. That was all we noticed on our coast here, too. Glad neither of us had the huge waves they had in Hawaii and California.

  2. Tsunami is a cute name. I agree. I am glad you have had Koky & family visiting you. Everyone needs a break from work. Have a great day.

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