Driving lesson

Today Doug took Juan Pablo for his 4th driving lesson, they discussed what he had learned so far. Seat belt, clutch, brake and gas pedal, starting the engine, getting rolling with the clutch and gas.

Hoy dia, Doug hizo el cuarto leccion del manajar con Juan Pablo.  Discutieron cual que apprenda antes de hoy.  Cinta de seguridad, el embrague, freno, y el acelerad0r,empiezando el motor, y coordinando el embrague y acelerador.

They began with starting on the flat ground and progressed to starting on an incline. This was his 3rd day at the incline and he started off great. When they got to the steep grade he began to have trouble with the timing of his feet. He would start off slowly releasing the clutch to engage the motor, release the brake and step on the gas…. TIMING..as he got the clutch to engage he would release the brake and the clutch and not get to the gas in time.

Empiezan sobre tierra llana y progresieron a una colina.  Hoy dia estuvo el trecero dia a la colina.  Juan Pablo empiezo bien.  Cuando estuvieron a una colina escarpada, Juan Pablo empiezo a tener problemas con el momento de sus pies.  Empieze lento, desenganchando el embrague para embragar el motor, desengancho el  freno y puso elacelerador….coordinando todo!  Necesita coordinar el embrague, freno y acelerador. 

They worked for several tries and Doug noticed that he was simply over-thinking the procedure so he had him step on the gas and hold the motor at 2000RPM… he had a hard time holding the RPM’s steady. Up/ down, up/down, finally he was able to hold the RPM’s, slowly release the clutch and DougI released the hand brake….yeah, we are off.

Trabajan muchas veces.  Doug noto que Juan Pablo estuvo piensandomuchisimo el proceso.  Entonces, Doug pregunto al Juan Pablo para pisar el acelerador y mantener el motor a  2000 RPMs.  Estuvo dificil para el a mantener el nivel de motor, pero con practica, el puso hacerlo.

They made a loop around an oil pump, and to the main road and up to another oil pump, then reversed the process and back to the beginning.  Once again he made two nice incline starts but had trouble with the sttepp grade.  Doug told him is was like touching a woman; slowly, smoothly; not jerky and grabby and he uderstood that.

Manejieron alrededor del uno pozo de petroleo y entonces en la pista, y alredodor del un otro poz de petroleo.  Entonces, reversa el ruta.  Otra vez, Juan Pablo manejo dos colinas bien, pero tuvo problemas con los grados escarpados.  Douglas le djo que un carro es como un mmujer.  Necesita tratar suavemente y lentamente.  Juan Pablo lo entendio.

We did several maneuvers that I knew that he could do well before we quit. I told him that some days will be good and some not so good….today was not so good. Tomorrow will be better. He said that it is the same with medicine and working with people


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