4 March 2011

I had quite a surprise this morning when I opened an e-mail from the credit union telling me we had a balance of $3 in our account!  When I logged in the see what was going on, there were some overdraft charges and cash advances to our credit card.  Yesterday, we had several thousand dollars…  I called yesterday to transfer money to our Peru account.  Apparently, the teller transferred twice the amount I had requested!  Yikes…that makes our Peru account look really good, but our stateside finances are now nil.  Of course, once the money was transferred, there isn’t a way for them to recall any of it.  So, we will have to continue receiving cash advances on our credit card for the rest of March to meet expenses.  The credit union will refund any fees associated with the advances.

There is a large family group from Trujillo staying up at Georg’s house.  They were down on the beach and we sat on our terrace enjoying a leisurely morning.  As we were sitting there, we noticed the group had crowded around someone laying on the beach and it looked like they were tending to this person.   One of the group came back up to the house and told us that Jorge had indeed been stung by a sting ray.  Doug hopped in his pick-up to go get Jorge and I started heating a large pot of water.  Once Doug and Jorge got back, I had a pan of hot water ready.  As we know from experience, the best treatment for  sting is to keep the foot in water as hot as you can stand it until the pain goes away, which may be as long as 24 hours.  Jorge soaked his foot in the water for about an hour and visited with us before heading back up to Georg’s. 

Jorge didn’t speak any English, so it was a good opportunity for me to practice my Spanish.  I’m finding I can communicate fairly well and have a large enough vocabulary to express myself; and I am much better about understanding native speakers (as long as they don’t rattle away).   As I speak, though, I hear verbs in the wrong tense….  I need more practice!

5 March 2011

This morning I was sitting on the terrace and Jorge and his wife came down from Georg’s house bearing  choclo (Peruvian corn) and bread.  Jorge’s sting ray sting looked much better; still a bit swollen but not ugly red.  We used the melted wax  trick Perico showed us when Doug was stung.

The idea is that the hot wax will draw out the poisons and the stinger.

This afternoon we put Danielle and Jim on the bus to Lima.  They will spend two days in Lima and then return to Canada.  We will miss them!



  1. Yeowch! Poor Jorge. So glad that you were there and knew what to do. Too bad you had to learn it through Doug’s experience. I’m sure they really appreciated it.

    I know what you mean about the Spanish verbs. That is what I struggle with, too. I forget that you speak lots of English with many people – not just Doug. (How is his Spanish coming?) Nessicita practicar, mi amgia! Yo tambien! I know you’ll miss Jim and Danielle. At least you know they’ll be back.

  2. Karen n’ Doug, We will miss you two as well! Bus ride was well, a bus ride. Uneventful. El Patio is a very nice place n’ we like it lots!
    We are counting the days till we return. Big Hugz n’ love. Thanks for everything! Look after your friends’ foot. Maybe wear a wet suit n’ shoes while swimming on your beach.
    Thinking about all n’ know the house misses us as much we miss it. Take care of one another. Cheers!

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