3 March 2011

What craziness is this?  I was tagged in this photo on Facebook by Juan Pablo, the local doctor.  He and his friend from Guatamala, and her parents were here for a couple of afternoons.  Obviously, we had some fun. 
Juan Pablo and girlfriend, Joana

Juan Pablo just returned from Guatamala City, where he took an entrance exam to a medical school there to become a dermatologist. The exam and an interview went very well for him, so he will shortly be starting a three year program there.  

When he was here at the house a couple of weeks ago, he had an impromtu swimming lesson.  He was very tense, but managed to kick with the kickboard and get his face in the water.   Now that he is back in town, he has asked for another swimming lesson. 

Juan Pablo on the right


 He also asked Doug to teach him how to drive.  Apparently, the historic part of Guatamala City is safe to walk around in, but other parts of the city are quite dangerous.  Juan Pablo felt he might need to drive through some areas rather than risk walking or taking public transportation. Doug said that driving lessons would need to happen over time; that it wasn’t a skill he could learn in just a week or so. 

 He also asked if I would help him with his English.  Being able to speak fluent English is a great boon to Peruvians, as it probably is to most foreigners.  His English is already pretty good, so it will be interesting to see exactly what kind of help he is interested in.

Doug took Juan Pablo for a driving lesson today.  They found a relatively large flat area near El Nuro to begin.  Our pick-up is a deisel manual speed.  Doug says Juan Pable caught on to the starting up, but had trouble with the shifting.  They will have another lesson early in the morning before Juan Pablo has to be in the clinic.

Remember in the old days when we had “Viewmaster”s?  You would put a round disk into the finder and would look through the viewfinder and see a picture, much like  slide?  Then you would push a lever down and the picture would change?  Sometimes they would tell a story, sometimes would just show sights of a city or National Park?  Sitting on our terrace right now at 6:15 in the evening, the view reminds me of those “slides.”  The sunset is imminent; and the light is spread across the hills with a glow only seen at this time of day or through a viewfinder.  Beautiful.

There is something about the light that is so amazing at this time of day!  The twilight hours or the twilight zone…

I have almost finished the braiding on the fringe of the hammock fabric.  Once this is done, I will wash it, let it shrink and then attach it to a harness for hanging. 



  1. Hi All! I am so glad that you are fitting in to the community(having a great pool & view helps). What a neat experience that you can only have by living there, not just visiting. We are envious(sp). We live thru your pictures & dialog & can only dream of all that you experience each & every day. Take care of yourselves & keep up the blog.
    Bruce & Peggy

  2. I love the colors in your hammock and your weaving is very impressive. You did a wonderful job. I hope you enjoy lying in it once you get it hung up.

  3. I agree with both Bruce and Cora. The colors in the hammock are beautiful and will add a beautiful splash of color. I don’t think I heard – how IS your landscaping coming (speaking of color!)

    What fun you are having with all your guests and “challenges”. You may end up teaching English to lots of people. I’m not sure how many driving lessons Doug will end up with, but I can see him doing a lot more with horses. Whatever you are doing, you sound like you are having fun. (And yes, I remember the viewmasters. My parents and grandparents both had ones. They somehow put family pictures on them, too, which was fun.)

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