1 March 2011

We had company this morning.  Two cousins, Katia and Marjorie.  Tatia (in yellow) is the daughter of our grocer and she is now living in Trujillo teaching English and Spanish.  Her cousin, Marjorie, age 14, also lives in Trujillo.  They came to get away for a couple of days and visit with family.  We’d met Katia a while ago and Doug had given here an open invitation to visit us.  She took him up on it today.  They were both a lot of fun.


1 Comment

  1. You are the social site of Northern Peru! I’ll bet it was fun hanging with the younger set. Looks like they had fun in the pool. Did you get all the dirt/dust cleaned up from your windstorm? We’ve been having strong winds on the coast here, too. Soooo ready for spring. How is your landscaping coming? I’m sure it’s nice and warm there right now. We could use a little more of that here.

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