27 February 2011

Holy cow!!!  We had strong winds this afternoon and on into the evening.   Now there is a layer of dirt over everything!  We designed the house so it would have a lot of ventilation which would make the heat more comfortable.  We have screens all along the eaves in every building, except for the service building.  And with the heat of summer, we have all the windows and doors open but with screens closed.  Even so, there is a layer of dirt over everything…poor Juana!

The solar panels are up and functioning.  I was up during the middle of the night last night.  I walked into the bathroom and flipped a switch…and there was light!  I went over to the kitchen and did a double take at the oven where the clock was flashing!  When I opened the refrigerator, I could actually see what was there.  It’s amazing!  It will however, take some getting used to the quiet!  It’s so very peaceful with the generator off!  The panels have generated 2.6 kilowatts during the peak hours of sunlight.  As far as I can tell, we don’t have any less electricity with the panels…and it’s available 24 hours.  Our friend Jim said someone would have to surgectly remove the smile on my face.  Many thanks to Jim, who spent many hours installing and studying our system to help us get it up and running.  And thanks to his wife Danielle, who so graciously shared his time with us.

Our good friend Luis came with his family for some time at the beach.  I first met Luis on my first visit to Peru with my daughter, Mandy.  He was our tour guide while we were in Lima.  On subsequent trips, I contacted Luis to help make arrangementss for various tours in various parts of Peru.  We are now friends, even though it has been hard for him to  break his habit of calling me Senora Karen.  This picture shows him with his youngest daughter, Rosemary.

Nicole, his oldest daughter enjoyed playing in the hammock.  She also enjoyed the pool, although she rarely got very far away from the ladder. 

Luis’ wife, Milagros, is 7 months pregnant with a boy.  Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get a photo of her.  She was wonderful; she did her shae of the cooking and cleaning up afterwards.  She was also full of infinite patience with the children.  This was a vacation for her; she works as an economist in Lima.

Luis camewith his sister Chelo.  She came along to help with the children as well as to enjoy a vacation.  Chelo is a teacher.  In Peru, the rules for teachers are insane!  Secondary teachers must take an exam every year.  Based on their performance, the are eligible for jobs that are available.  This year, Chelo scored in the number 4 spot.  She is probably assured of a job, but she doesn’t know where, and the school year begins on the 1st of March.  She also took an exam this Sunday which would qualify her as a teacher permanently…something like gaining tenior. (My spelling has gone all to heck since trying to learn and speak Spanish!)  We wish her luck!  and success!

Our kitten, which we took back to her mother because she was just too young.  Mocho tells me she is nursing and running all over the place.  I’m heartened that she is still healthy and, when  the time is right, she will come back to us.


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