25 February 2011

OMG!!!  We finally got our solar system on line today.  How amazing it is to have the generator motor off and still have electricity!  We will still run the generator a couple hours each day to recirculate the pool and run the pump at the cistern that fills our water tanks in the tower.  It is really like magic.  Without being in our circumstances, I question if people can understand the portent of this.  We have been paying upwards of $800 a month on deisel fuel to run the generator.  Now that we are on line with the solar, we will be consuming 1/12th the fuel.  Right now everything is running and it is sooooo quiet….no generator.  Being totally off grid and independent is truly a boon.  How many people can say this?

I took the hammck weaving off the loom last night.  There are some mistakes that will need to be mended, but overall, it came out very well.  I was surprised to lay it on our bed and find that it would serve quite well as a blanket for the bed.  There are several instances where the two layers were intermingled and repairs will need to be made.  Overall, I am very pleased with the results.  I was surprised at how large the fabric was; but it only opened up a multitude of posibilities!   I still need to figure out how to attach the fabric to the ends of the hammock.  I’ve seen several examples but have yet to figure out how to incorporate the fabric with the ends.

Luis and his family; wife, Milagros, and children Nichole and Rosemary have been here for a visit in the last few days.  Luis’ sister Chielo has also  been here to help with the children.  They have enjoyed the beach and took a trip to Mancora and Punta Sal today.  Mancora is definitely a commercial center; it’s a party town….full of  booze and drugs.  If you are young and stupid, this is the best place on earth.

Another thing Jorge and Jaime have done for us is given us the independence we have been planning for.  As of now, we are off the grid, and only dependent on the generator for a couple hours a day to run the pool and the pump which raises water from the cistern to the water tanks.

Meanwhile, I have taken the hammock off the loom and am working on fixing minor imperfections.  The width on the loom was 42″ which then translated into a total width of 84″.  What magic to weave 42″ on the loom and have it come out twice the width!  Once these minor fixes are made, I will have a large piece of fabric to use for a hammock.  I still need to figure out how to attach the ends to the hook which will support the hammock.  Such interesting posibilities!



  1. Enjoy the dark, turn on the lights when needed them n’ don’t forget to turn them off after you leave the room. I’m so glad to hear that you’re on your own solar power! Congrads!!

    1. Thank you so much! Jim’s time has been invaluable to us; thank you so much for sharing his time with us. We can’t tell you how much his help has meant to us! We definitely need to get together at least one more time…maybe three or four? before you guys take off. Luis and his family will take off on Sunday…. you are our priority from then on. What would work best for you? Love ya, kare

  2. Congratulations on the solar panels now working and the hammock fabric being done. Sounds like a double sun celebration – enjoying the sun two ways! What are you thinking for the hammock? I would think you would have to do some reinforcing fabric on the ends, then grommets to attack cords? We need a picture! So glad about the lights!

    I think some magazine needs to come and do a spread on your “villa”. =) I look forward to all your blog entries – it’s like my own magical book. Every chapter is soooo interesting – I can’t wait to read the next chapter and see what is happening with my favorite characters, Karen and Doug!

  3. Yes! We will get together soon! Have you been getting up n’ reading in the middle of the night? Does your ceiling fan run all night? I am very proud of Jim n’ it puts a smile on his face to see you so happy! He says that your smile will have to be surgical removed!
    Yeah, I agree with your friend Nadine, maybe Better Homes n’ Gardens!

    1. I was just wondering this morning if she was awake in the middle of the night, Danielle! Her friends must worry the same about her. =)

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