23 February 2011

It appears that land disputes abound.  We met a woman several months back who bought a large piece of property very close to our property.  In the last week, there have been workers building a fence on this side.  The fence building was complicated by a steep hillside and uncharted terrain.  Night before last, someone came along and knocked it all down.  We don’t know anyone involved; we’re just watching from a distance.

The other day I saw what I think was a “citizen’s arrest.”  The men were not so gently ushering a third across the square toward the police station.  Shortly thereafter, another man went running across the square in the same direction.  Curious.  Doug says there is an  unspoken way the residents of Los Organos and El Nuro deal with problems.  For the first offense, the offender is given a talking to.  On the second offense, the talking is a bit rough and may result in a few bruises.  After this, the offender is told to leave town; his health depends on it.  Doug heard this from one of his Peruvian friends in town.

I had a new helper today as I finished up the quilting on the Blue Moon quilt.  We let our grocer know we were looking for another kitten.  When we went into the market this morning, he brought us  box with two kittens.  There was also another kitten hanging around the market.  She didn’t seem to belong to anyone and pretty skiddish.  I chose a femle from Mocho’s box.  I brought her home and gave her a flea bath right away.  She has spent most of the day either cuddling with me, sleeping in a chair next to me while I was sewing or investigating the quilt.  So far, she hasn’t shown any interest in milk or the litter box.  I suspect that will change soon.  She is soooo tiny…. of course, we said the same thing about Chairman.  Stormy is once again entranced with the kitten.  She has sniffed, nudged, and licked the kitten.  So far she has not had her mouth around the kitty, but I’m sure this will happen in a matter of days.  She really wants a play mate!

One of Doug’s lastest projects has been to design a system for hanging laundry.  The idea was to have the flexibility to  raise and lower the lines; that way Juana could reach the lines easily when hanging the laundry and then pull the line up out of her way.  The pegs in the wall serve as tie downs.  The local welding shop made the brackets and delivered them to us today. 

Friday has now been designated as the solar hook-up day.  Jorge and Jaime have had a component built and will be arriving on Friday to instal it.  Hopefully, they can then get the system up and running.  So many of our problems are due to a lack of communication.  We realize, at this point, the solar company should have asked us a zillion questions before designing our system.  The biggest issue is that their system didn’t account for Peru being 220V rather than 110V.   Thank goodness for Jim; he will be here on Friday to oversee the instalation.  So far, it seems like we have tried this fix, and then that fix.  I just hope it gets up and running!

Our good friend Luis, the tour guide, is arriving shortly with his family for a vacation at the beach.  They will stay with us for about four days.  School starts here after the summer break on the 1st of March.  I suspect they will be back in Lima by then.



    1. She is sooo cute. However, she really was too young to be taken from her mom. She wouldn’t eat or pass urine or feces. I took her back to her mama, so she can continue to grow and in a couple of weeks, when she is ready, we will bring her home again. She has a very sweet personality and we hear she is nursing normally….so all should be well for an adoption in a few weeks.

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